How To Improve Your Health and Wellness

Learn how to improve your health

Learn How To Improve Your Health and Wellness! Want to be your own doctor?  Know how to improve your health and wellness!   Take your first step – Acquire Knowledge! If you want to be good at something, your first step is to acquire as much knowledge on that subject matter.  Every little knowledge will have significant impact on your

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Health Benefits on Fasting

  Do you know that fasting is now popular because it has many health benefits?  In fact, fasting has been practised by traditional healers, long, long time ago.What is fasting?  Is fasting healthy?  What are the health benefits on fasting? Is Fasting Healthy? Well, fasting is a process of  abstaining  oneself from food and drink for an extended period of

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Does Melatonin Help You Sleep?

Do you know that our body is equipped with an internal biological sleep clock?  In other words, there is a ‘device’ in our body to send signal to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. For your information, this biological clock functions effectively with the presence of a hormone called Melatonin. In fact, melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland which

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Simple Tips on Healthy Eating

healthy tps

    Eating is a pleasure and I enjoy eating.  I want to eat and stay healthy.  Nobody should be stopped from eating as long as the food is not detrimental to one’s body.  Hence, it is important to know the art of healthy eating.  Thus here, I would like to share some simple tips on healthy eating. Needless to

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Financial Wellness Ideas

Most of us realize the importance of good health and many have seen that total wellness is  the best way to good health.  But how many of us are actually aware and understand that financial wellness is one of the major requisite of total wellness.  Let’s explore the Financial Wellness Ideas! Sometimes I heard people say with regret that it

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