Black Seed Remedy – Tips from Home

nigella sativa the black seed

    Hi to everybody!  Nice to  meet you again in the world  of Black Seed.  Here are the Black Seed Remedy for some of the common illnesses which I would like share with you. 1. Sinusitis Drop a few drops of black seed oil into the nose and inhale deeply.  This gives an immediate … Read more

Why my child is fat?


Studies done in 2012 found that about 6.7% of the world’s children population aged less than 5 years old were overweight or obese.  That comes out to about 44 million children.  Wow!  Don’t you think that it’s a big number?  This means that more of our children are open target to  more serious health complications … Read more

Health News Today – Top Fakes

  Today’s world is full of deception. Is this an over statement? Let’s walk through this world with me. Enemies of Deception I was at the good care group polyclinic, accompanying my cousin for her doctor’s appointment.  At 62, she’s overweight, suffering from illnesses like diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension.  Her left leg was also … Read more

Eat Well Live Well

  In order to stay healthy, we require not only pure, clean, wholesome and nourishing food but also regularity and discipline in eating.  Needless to say, we should not eat cold foods in summer and hot ones in winter.  Besides that, it is harmful to have a meal right after another.  Do not exercise after … Read more

Live an Organized Life

.       The moment we open our eyes, we already have a list of activities waiting for us.  How we approach and execute these activities will influence the result of not only our lives but also the lives of people around us.  Our loved ones, close friends and even our rivals. Always remember, we … Read more

Is Wellness a Choice? – Tips to stay healthy and young…

Is Wellness A Choice?

Total Wellness Cleanse

Wellness-important choice.  How is wellness important to us.  Let’s discover the secrets of total wellness and help ourselves with the right choice.  I’m very happy to share this “little” knowledge with you and hope that it will help you to decide on how to improve your health and wellness.  Let’s explore – “Is Wellness a Choice?”

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