Food that cleanse liver

tumeric for liver cleansing

Do You Cleanse Your Liver? Do you ever wonder why after eating healthy food,  practising healthy  living lifestyles, our body is still not healthy? Most of us actually do not mind to spend our fortune to keep our body healthy, strong and vibrant.  But the problem is, after spending a great deal of our fortune … Read more

What Is Healthy Living Lifestyles?

What is Healthy Living?

Everybody is talking about healthy living lifestyles.  We know the needs and importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  We recognised junk food and we realised that fast food, carbonated drinks and highly processed food are very detrimental to our daily health. But do we really make the effort to abstain ourselves from all these food? … Read more

Why are free radicals bad?

free radicals caused diseases

  We all know without doubt that as  human beings we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.  Thus oxygen is an important element in our life.  Therefore it is only natural to believe that oxygen is good for us.  However, do you know that this same oxygen when undergoes a chemical change will produce hungry … Read more

How To Improve Your Health and Wellness

Learn how to improve your health

Learn How To Improve Your Health and Wellness! Want to be your own doctor?  Know how to improve your health and wellness!   Take your first step – Acquire Knowledge! If you want to be good at something, your first step is to acquire as much knowledge on that subject matter.  Every little knowledge will … Read more

Facts About Digestive System

facts about digestive system

  How many of us know the facts about digestive system?  How our digestive system works?  What are the facts that affect its functionality?  What has digestive system got to do with our good health? Well, we can never deny that it is important to have a healthy body.  We would also agree that we … Read more

Tips Maintaining Good Health

Tips On Maintaining Good Health

Do you want some tips on maintaining good health? Well, there are many health tips around us.  Most are obviously good.  To me, if I could practise some of these tips, I believe they could definitely  boost or at least have an influence on my health.  At best, a tip a day would drive the … Read more

Health Benefits on Fasting

  Do you know that fasting is now popular because it has many health benefits?  In fact, fasting has been practised by traditional healers, long, long time ago.What is fasting?  Is fasting healthy?  What are the health benefits on fasting? Is Fasting Healthy? Well, fasting is a process of  abstaining  oneself from food and drink … Read more

Does Melatonin Help You Sleep?

Do you know that our body is equipped with an internal biological sleep clock?  In other words, there is a ‘device’ in our body to send signal to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. For your information, this biological clock functions effectively with the presence of a hormone called Melatonin. In fact, melatonin is a hormone produced … Read more

Simple Tips on Healthy Eating

    Eating is a pleasure and I enjoy eating.  I want to eat and stay healthy.  Nobody should be stopped from eating as long as the food is not detrimental to one’s body.  Hence, it is important to know the art of healthy eating.  Thus here, I would like to share some simple tips … Read more