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Sit when you eat or drink

Do you want to know a SECRET on how to eat and drink to be healthy!  In life, there are many secrets. Some we already know. Many are yet to be known and a lot more still remain unknown. Hence here, I wish to share a little secret on Eat and Drink to be Healthy.  

As always, I will have the  radio station on, when driving.  On this one particular day, while fetching my children from school, I heard through the radio station, “never stand up when you drink or eat. Never, ever stand up, always sit down!”  That was the voice of one of the medical experts airing health topic on Eat and Drink to be Healthy.

Well, to sit while eating or drinking is nothing new to me as this has been my parents’ order ever since I was a little girl.  As I grew and attended school, I understood that this etiquette has been practised and taught by our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

Eat Drink Be Mindful

“If you know the damages that you are doing to your body by standing while you eat or drink, you would never do it.

Your esophagus, stomach, kidneys… are affected by standing rather than sitting while you eat or drink.

Most of the operations would not be necessary if people would only  sit down when they eat or drink”, continued the speaker.sit when you eat

I never thought it could be that serious.  To most of us, it might look petty but listening to the medical expert, it is sure a big problem.

Everywhere you go, you will see people standing, walking as they drink or eat.  Talking, laughing, eating and drinking while standing are all common scenes.

Well, honestly, I have no doubt in the teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).  But to share with the world and at the same time satisfy my inner curiosity, I committed myself to doing some homework (research and studies).  Going through books and other reading materials, I found a lot of interesting sciences that are in agreement with sitting when eating or drinking.

According to medical experts, sitting when you drink or eat allow the food or water to pass through the abdominal wall slowly.  This helps to eliminate the pressure on the stomach.

How to Eat and Be Healthy

However, in the case of standing when eating or drinking , the food or water falls speedily direct to the bottom of the stomach.  If this happens frequently, it will result in the loosening of the stomach.  In the long run, this process will eventually affect the efficiency of the digestive system.

Besides this, standing makes the muscles tense.  The balancing system of the central nervous system will have to be very active in order to control the many muscles to balance oneself.  In actual fact, it would be desirable for the nervous system and the muscular system to be at a relaxing level so as to perform their work efficiently.  Hence, it would be better for one to be in the sitting position so that the food and water could be better absorbed by the body.

In addition, according to acupuncturist, sphincter – an anatomical structure, functions as a filter, opens up when you sit down. sit when you drink This helps to filter the water that enters your body.  Thus, with this filtering process, less pressure is put on the kidney.

However, when standing, sphincter remained close.  Therefore it is not possible for the water to go through the filtering process.  Hence, more pressure is put on the kidney.  Thus in the long run, this could affect the kidney’s health.

Well, these are some facts that science found today which have been practised more than 14oo years ago.

Amazing truths…it’s easy to eat and drink to be healthy.   Look out for more to be uncovered and shared in the coming articles.  Do follow up with my website to know more secrets.



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Eat and Drink to be Healthy!



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14 thoughts on “Eat and Drink to be Healthy”

  1. Hi, great read, you learn something new everyday. I would never of thought in a million years that it made a difference if you ate while standing up. Thanks. Ian.

    • Very true Ian, there’s always something new to learn everyday. Some might look petty. Health is something we should not take lightly because the health statistic is alarming. Glad that I could share. Thank you Ian for your visit. Hope to share more information on health.

    • Health – there’re just too many secrets and I wish to share more in the near future within my website. Being mindful with this little thing will help with our health. Hope we could put it to practice and enjoy a better health. Thank you for your contribution Seth. Take care !

  2. t’s easy to get caught up in our busy lifestyles, taking only a few minutes to eat or drink just so we can get on with the next thing. If only we would slow down and realize we’ll be healthier and more productive if we do! Stop, sit, drink & eat. Much better.
    Thanks for sharing this info!
    ~ Scott

    • We’ve been caught in the rat race. The more we realized this, the better. Then we can make adjustment. Our health needs attention. Changing our way of life will have great impact on our health. Glad could share this little secret with you, Scott. Thank you for your time. Take care!

  3. This is news to me – but great to know. I had heard sitting and eating is better but never thought it could make all that much difference. Thanks for sharing.

    • Health is precious and sharing with you is my pleasure Nate. Hope more will be aware and practise it.
      Glad you spend some time here. Thank you and take care. Great health to you.

  4. Great post, I never realized that standing while eating could harm your overal health. I often eat on the go, guess I should make more of an effort to have my meals sitting down. Thanks for the info.

    • Standing while eating is a common practice Dan. We see it everywhere. With more awareness of its ill effect hope we will change our lifestyle.
      Thank you for your visit Dan. Appreciate your contribution. Take care and stay healthy.

    • Good health needs good tender care. Hope we will give our health the attention it needs. Changing our lifestyle to a healthier one is our priority cos today’s health statistic is alarming. Thank you for your time here Dale. Glad I could share some health tips here.
      Take care and be well.

  5. Hi Norleila. It was a delight reading your posts, you have a very engaging way of communicating with your readers. Your layout is also very professional. I wish I had your expertise. Your posts are relevant & I will be visiting again.

    • Health should be everyone’s concern. To know health secrets will be an advantage and it helps in keeping healthy. We shouldn’t take health for granted. Instead, our body should be given its due care.
      Looking forward to share more information on wellness. Do come back.


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