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Is your emotional wellness health superb ?Emotional Wellness

How do you measure your emotional wellness health ?

Can you develop a healthy emotional health ?

These are important questions which enveloped many of us.

Looking at the world’s health today, there are just too many emergence of illnesses, some never even been encountered by our older generations before.  Therefore, it is very crucial for us to understand the many aspects of wellness and illness.

Apart from physical wellness, mental wellness, spiritual wellness and financial wellness, emotional wellness also contributes to the well-being of a person.  Often, negative emotions like anger, hostility, stress, depression, anxiety, calamity, adversity and many more, impact negative results on a person.

Results of Negative Emotions

As a result, many suffers from illnesses such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, headache, panic attacks, behavioral and social problems, fear, psychomatic disorders and so on.

Clinical studies have seen that those who express more anger have 300% higher risk of heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths.

How can we arrest these issues ?

Here, we are going to share the understanding of emotional intelligence and unlocking the emotional brain.

When we talk about emotional wellness, do we mean that a person is free from stress, calamity, adversity, anger, anxiety, depressions and all the negative emotions ?

My sincere answer is, it is near impossible for a person to be 100%  free from the above negative emotions.  Therefore, it is how we handle and face this situation that determine our emotional wellness or illness.

Unlocking the Emotional Brainbrain

As many of us understand, our mind responds to the signals sent to it.  What determine this response is exactly what had been input into the brain.  Who then controls the brain ?

Let’s do a case study.

When a person is angry, who actually provokes the anger ?  Many a time, it is the outside force that triggers the angry button and the mind reacts to it.  The mind is just behaving like a master, counter reacting without realising the consequences.

This is the tragedy of human life today.  We are indeed in a deep sleep while the outside world is dominating us, fashioning our mind to suit its needs.   Hence, the mind is just a puppet to be manipulated.

Then who is the master ?  OUR AWARENESS !

Develop Positive EmotionsPositive Thinking

With awareness of thoughts, attitudes and perceptions, we could adopt an optimistic approach to our matters.  By looking at things from a positive angle, we could change obstacles to opportunities.

Awareness, alertness and consciousness give us ideas and strategies to face challenges, take responsibilities and not run away or hide behind them.

Adopting positive attitude give us the power to talk out or share our emotions, accepting mistakes, hence make corrections without feeling inferior.

We could do things that make us joyous, fulfilling and contented.  We don’t need to do things that are harmful to us or make us miserable.  Therefore, by acquiring positive emotions we will reap many health benefits.

The Awakening

But all this is only possible, if we have our master in us AWAKE !  Once the master in us is awakened, our whole life takes a new colour, new dimension and of course new life.

Now we are alive. The door opens into reality not through our mind, but our heart.  Finally separating the mind and awareness.  This is the greatest revolution.  Freedom towards emotional wellness.



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10 thoughts on “Emotional Health Wellness Tips”

    • Well Arka, there are many ways to develop positive emotions. Let me share some of them here :
      – Read articles or books on positive attitudes and try to put them into practise.
      – Observe positive attitudes around us and try to emulate them.
      -Sought help for problems faced, talk them out. Don’t be trap in the negative situation.
      Hope these give you some ideas on developing positive emotions.
      Thanks for visiting, Arka. Take care !

  1. I have just read the home page.. Then I wanted to read your articles.. It is well written.. Informative.. Easy on the eye.. And I very much enjoyed reading it.. It gave me a few things to think about.. I look forward to revisiting your site.

    • Thanks Rachel for your kind words. I hope to share more articles and create awareness within us. May the light shines on us. Be well !

  2. Norleila, thanks so much for writing this article! I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed it! You made so many great points that shed light on many truths that get overlooked concerning our wellness. I am definitely the optimistic one and reading this confirms a lot of the advice that I share with people who are dealing with depression and anxiety. Thanks again for the article, I was really blessed by it!

    • You’re most welcome Cole Mize. Thanks for spending your time here and sharing my insights. I really hope we wake up and enjoy our health and life. Take care !

  3. That’s why they said “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”.
    Negative emotions is the main cause for most of the illness.
    Need to be aware of my emotions and be positive. 🙂

    • It needs learning, discipline and of course patience, perseverance, persistence, consistence. These are all ingredients for positive emotions. Thanks for your kind visit, Sylvia. Take care and stay well !

  4. Norleila, awakening is indeed crucial for our mental, physical and emotional health. The advice you give the readers here is very important and can greatly contribute to develop a greater sense of well being. Great joB!

    • Thanks for being supportive Hilda. We need to realize that many of us are actually still ‘asleep’. It’s very important for us to wake up from this long sleep and start living. Have a great day. Take care !


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