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Remember, in my last post “Financial Wellness Ideas”, I told you that I will coach you to financial wellness, step by step?  Allow me to deliver my promise here.  Let me first share with you how I started my online business following this financial wellness coach.

For the past 10 years, I have been engaged in the offline business dealing in health products.  Prior to that, I was into many jobs, from taking surveys to direct selling, knocking on the doors.  There were even times when I got the door slammed onto my face.  Those were the conventional ways of doing business.

However, I realized that the nature of doing business changes with time.  The growing IT market opens its door to online business opportunities.

Financial Freedom Ideas

I was interested.  I saw the opportunity to bring my offline business online.  But HOW?  With my limited computer knowledge, it looked impossible.

Then in early 2014, I received emails inviting me to attend online business seminar.  During that seminar, I was enticed to invest in their online internet coaching program.  I invested a few hundred dollars to participate in that program.  Sadly to say, it did not get me anywhere.  I lost that battle.

But of course I did not want to be a complete loser.  I searched through the internet.  From pages to posts, blogs and websites,  eager to look for the key.  The key to unlock the internet online business.


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Well, why not?  I will not be losing anything.  I can go in and I can come out!  Great deal!

To my amaze, as I got deep, deeper, deepest into Wealthy Affiliate, I realized that I found my treasure!


Wealthy Affiliate UniversityWAU

At Wealthy Affiliate University, I learned to build my website from scratch.  Here, they teach me step by step how to start an online business.

The lessons covered are :

Lesson 1 : Get Rolling – Wealthy Affiliate Orientation

Lesson 2 : Understanding How to Make Money Online

Lesson 3 : Choose A Niche

Lesson 4 : Building Your OWN Website

Lesson 5 : Setting Up Your Website

Lesson 6 : Getting Your Site Ready for SEO

Lesson 7 : Finding Content Ideas from Keywords

Lesson 8 : Understanding Website Pages & Creating Your First 3 Pages

Lesson 9 : Creating Quality Website Content

Lesson 10 : Congratulation and Your Next Step


On top of the above 10 lessons, Wealthy Affiliate University further offers for free :-

  1. live chat – interactions and motivations are crucial factors in internet business.  Many people gave up, dropped out, demoralized or simply failed because of the sense of loneliness, lost  or pessimism.  So, here at Wealthy Affiliate, there are always lending ears available to share your sorrows.
  2. instant live support round the clock – It could be very frustrating when you are caught in a problem with no one around to help.  However, it is totally a different scenario when you are with Wealthy Affiliate.  The round the clock support provided by the co-owners themselves, Kyle and Carson, and the great members of the community, really makes the difference.  You can be sure of an instant live support and a solution to your problem.
  3. tutorials, video and classroom trainings – with all these trainings, you are empowered to overcome the internet challenges.
  4. weekly live training webinars – enjoy interactive live training webinars – your way to superb understanding of the online business strategies.
  5. free keyword research tool – keyword is an important element in Google ranking.  Hence, with a proper keyword research tool, you are on your way to a better ranking that leads to terrific traffic.
  6. 2 free websites with free fast hosting – an awesome way to get your practical touch on building your first website.  A great experience to build your confidence.  No worries on how much to spend.

Well, this was how I got started with my online business with no financial commitment.  You can remain as a free member for as long as you wish.

As for me, having seen the vast opportunities through the free membership, I decided to embark on a more challenging adventure – A living Promise.

Wealthy Affiliate has transformed this living promise to an amazing reality for many Wealthy Affiliate-made entrepreneurs.  Like them, I believe I can be the next successful entrepreneur.


A Leap to Success With Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate offers another level of success.  Premium Level Membership

While navigating Wealthy Affiliate on my first week, I was greeted with an irresistible offer.

Upgrade to Premium level membership at a 59% discount for the first month.  Wow! that’s a pretty $19, way down from $47 per month. An offer hard to resist.

With the quality of Wealthy Affiliate University’s education, the offer was definitely worth the grab.  I was astonished at my good luck.  Just look at the program offered under Premium below.  Like me, I’m sure you’ll find it awesome!


But the choice is yours!  You can stay as a starter or take the leap and go Premium.

For me, I don’t need a second opinion.  I know I have found  an invaluable opportunity.  I would not just let it go like a passing cloud because it might not come back.

You might say, ” But I don’t have a product to sell!”

Well, I have not forgotten that I said earlier that I wanted to bring my offline business online.  But that was before I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Amazingly as I learned I realized that there are more to online opportunities than just selling my own products.

One of the most popular ways to financial freedom ( making money online) is through Affiliate Marketing.  I believe everyone of us has a passion for something, hobbies or just anything that interests us like reading, gaming, gadgets, shoes and so on.  So, with our own website, we share our passion, hobbies or interest with others.  Wealthy Affiliate University will show you all the avenues to create $$ from our website.  Join Me Here – to unlock the secrets.

If you can’t think of anything to share, don’t worry, Wealthy Affiliate has a predefined niche for you – Affiliate Boot Camp.

So it’s time to break yourself free from your financial hindrance.  Take your leap to your Financial Freedom.  The door has been opened for you. The choice is in your hand.  Make a wise decision.  Join me at Wealthy Affiliate. Follow the financial wellness coach.  You’ll never regret!


I look forward to your Wise Choice.  Should you have any views, suggestions or comments, please pen them below.

Let’s make it happen!


Your friend,





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  1. You have made an interesting sound of how to bring an offline to online business. I would recommend if anyone want learn on how to make own business online, this is one great source you should try.

  2. Hi Seth,
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    • Thanks David for having trust in my website. I really look forward to sharing with you more valuable articles. Do come back for another visit.
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    • Hi there,
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  3. Mt heart goes out to people who lose their hard earned money on these scams that all promise you the world and deliver nothing. I myself have been the victim of this in the past and it is soul destroying to say the least.

    I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate and have read many reviews and can safely say it is a legitimate business. It is nice to read this and see people doing well online.

    It shows to prove there are still great avenues open to people looking to set up an online business.

    Thanks for sharing


    • It’s my pleasure to share Chris. With so many scams around, it is a noble service to bring the legitimate one like Wealthy Affiliate to others’ attention. It can be very devastating to be cheated.
      Hope more people will benefit from this share.
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  4. Nice post review, A lot of useful information, I would recommend your site to anyone who want’s to learn on how to make their own business online. Great job!

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  5. Hi Norleila. I am also a Wealthy Affiliate user. Your review of this training course is excellent. For anyone who is looking into earning from the internet, I also highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Yang,
      You are right! Wealthy Affiliate University is a real Financial Wellness Coach. It covers everything you need to know to start or grow your online business. With the sharing of this post, I hope more people will see the online opportunities.
      Thanks for your visit and recommendation. I believe many will benefit.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy visiting your site and hearing from you. You offer great information and I am glad to be a part of WA. There are so many great people that can help you at WA and glad to see you sharing this information. Thanks for your recommendations and helping us!!

    • Hi Angela,
      Glad that I could share this info. Financial wellness is crucial as many fall prey to the financial crisis. Hope more will take the steps to financial freedom. Thanks for your visit and trust in my site. Do come back for more informative article. Take care!


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