Food that cleanse liver

Do You Cleanse Your Liver?

Why do you cleanse liver?
Why do you cleanse liver?

Do you ever wonder why after eating healthy food,  practising healthy  living lifestyles, our body is still not healthy?

Most of us actually do not mind to spend our fortune to keep our body healthy, strong and vibrant.  But the problem is, after spending a great deal of our fortune to keep healthy, we are still sick.  Where is the problem?

Many of us are aware that we are exposed to toxins everyday, whether through the food we eat or the environmental we live in.  It is not easy to escape or run away from this hazardous situation.  However, it is still our responsibility to give our body its due cares.

How then can we keep our body healthy?

Why is Liver ImportantThe Liver Cleansing Diet

As we all know, liver is a vital organ in our body.  When our liver fails, our body ails!

It is our liver that is responsible for the filtration of toxins in our body.

It is also our liver that purifies our blood before it is send to the other parts of our body.

Our liver produces biles that are needed to digest fats in our body.

With all these hard working functions, our liver needs our proper and due cares so that it can perform its functions effectively and do the job that it is meant to do.

Therefore we need to understand and care for our liver because no matter how good the food we consumed or nutritious it is, it will not do any good to our body if our liver fails to convert it to the needed enzymes, nutrients or vitamins.

Let us begin with foods that cleanse liver.

Do you know that we can find foods that cleanse our liver simply by visiting our kitchen?

Well let me share with you some of these nature’s pearls here.

There are also supplements to help you support your liver.

Foods That Help Cleanse Liver 


tumeric for liver cleansing
Food that cleanse liver

With its many healing properties, tumeric is well-known as a natural medicine.  It is a bright yellow root that belongs to the ginger family.

Tumeric active compound of curcumin stimulates the production of biles which help the liver to flush out toxins from the body.  Besides that, biles revitalise liver cells that breakdown harmful cancer-causing agents.

Moreover curcumin with its anti-inflammatory properties prevents liver damage and liver cirrhosis hence promotes liver health.

Tumeric is also found to help the enzymes that flush out known dietary carcinogens thus enhancing protection against liver damage and regenerate affected liver cells.  At the same time it also improves the health of the gall bladder.


ginger for liver cleansing

Research has shown that ginger is an incredible herb which has the highest liver protecting benefits.  It inhibits parasites that damage the liver thus helps to alleviate liver damage.

Besides that ginger protects the liver against liver fibrosis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease hence reduces oxidative stress on the liver.

Black Seed OilBlack seed oil

Studies done revealed that black seed oil can benefit your health.  It is a powerful antioxidant and has been widely used for liver cleansing and detoxification.

Its active ingredients such as thymoquinone possess antioxidant effects thus protect the liver, kidney and digestive system.

 Read more on black seed oil here!

Cardamom Seed Cardamom

Cardamom seed has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries.  This aromatic spice is rich in manganese and  an excellent dietary source of limonene.

Limonene in cardamom seed boost the antioxidant activity and is widely used to prevent and treat cancer.

Another important use of cardamom seed is its ability to cleanse liver.  In fact, cardamom improves the flow of bile from the liver and gallbladder.


Lentil belongs to the legumes family.  It is rich in fibre hence possesses the ability to assist in the cleansing process.  Lentil is also a natural source of plant-based protein.

Do you know that lentil provide just enough protein to the body without causing any harm.  This is very important because too much protein in the body will force the liver to work harder thus putting pressure on it.

Further more, lentil is one of the easiest legumes to be digested hence lightened the body to perform its nutrients distribution.  At the same time it helps the digestive system.


Garlic is well-known for its medicinal properties and has been used since long time ago.  Its contents of allicin and selenium aid liver cleansing.  Selenium is a natural detoxiftying mineral whilst allicin protects the immune system from invaders such as free radicals.

Gc Tea – The Wellness Choicedetox-tea daily

Another excellent wellness product you should have in your kitchen to help with your cleansing is of course Gc Tea – The Wellness Choice.  Gc Tea is the finest botanical tea blend with green tea and gymneama sylvestre.  Besides that Gc Tea also contains peppermint, mulberry, rooibos and stevia.  All these natural ingredients helps with your cleansing and boost your health.

Read more on Gc Tea – The Wellness Choice here.

top excellence brand
Top Excellence Brand

There are also supplements available to help you with your liver.


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5 thoughts on “Food that cleanse liver”

  1. Hi Norleila,

    May I know how often do we need to do cleansing for our liver? Especially when we first start out? I just moved into a new house fitted with kitchen and am looking forward to cook nutritious food for myself. But, I think I need a regular diet for optimum health, because I do feel lethargic especially after a meal. Please kindly advise on this. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Christopher,

      Have you ever cleansed your liver before?

      When I first cleansed, I took Clenz-tox (detox and cleansing supplement) straight for a week. Thereafter I only take when needed. But I include Gc tea into my daily diet. Although Gc tea helps with cleansing, it is more an overall supplement where it helps with controlling our blood sugar levels.

      When our sugar level is high you know what can be expected…a chaotic body system.

      It is so important to maintain a healthy body and detoxing is one of the initial steps.

      Do take care Chris and the best of health to you.

      Best regards,


  2. Wow. This is an amazing and informative article about liver cleansing. I do eat healthy food and have a healthy living lifestyle everyday. But still, liver cleansing is something totally new to me. I had not though of it before and now I know it is really important to keep your liver healthy too. Thanks for the intro on liver cleansing food. Maybe next time you can share some home made food recipes too.

    • Hi Lucas,

      Sharing is Caring… but I hope it would be put to practise.
      Cleansing and detoxing is so important. Could you imagine how our colon would look like without cleansing? In the long run it would eventually malfunction and even breakdown.

      Thanks for your suggestions on home made recipes for cleansing. Will take note of that.

      Have a healthy day!

      Best regards,


  3. I knew that turmeric was a natural anti inflammatory but I had no idea it helped clean the liver too. How much do you need to consume to reap liver cleansing benefits?

    I’m so glad to see lentils on that list. I make a huge batch of lentil soup every weekend and then eat that for lunch all week long. Many of my soups also contain turmeric and ginger too!


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