Foundation of Financial Wellness – Financial Freedom Tips


Too much money, too much debt.Financial Freedom

Little money, little or no debt.

Which of the two statements above is the core financial wellness?

Misconception of financial freedom

Well, everybody can get financial freedom.  Financial freedom is not only for those with buckets of money, thick wallets or fat bank account.  Sometimes, it is the person with little money that possesses the secrets of financial freedom.

Let’s look at the financial freedom tips so that we can take our steps to financial success.

Financial Freedom Strategy

Some of us think that to have enough money, we need to take the steps to cut down on our expenses.  While others feel the need to increase their income.  But don’t you think that putting the two together would be a terrific financial freedom strategy?Wealthy Affiliate

There are many ways that we could actually increase our income. Amongst them are : we can do part time jobs, look for a second job, engage in internet marketing and many more.

While to reduce our expenses, we need sound financial planning.  Money management and discipline play important roles in order for us to succeed.

Financial Freedom Tips

It is vital to live within our means.  Cares should be taken to avoid impulse buying.

Many of us fall into the trap of credit cards.  It is not wrong to use credit cards but we must make sure that we actually have the money to spend.  However, in many cases, we spend and spend until we become heavy debtors.

It is a good practice to buy things on cash.  This able us to control our spending spree. savings We should discipline ourselves and avoid overspending.

Remember the days when  we had that ‘piggy bank’?  We saved first before we buy something we need.  This practice should be re-borne in us.

Make little savings regularly as this could prepare us in times of emergency.

Limit ourselves from eating out.  Furthermore, eating together at home strengthen our family bonds.  Besides, we get to eat healthy food and of course saves our money.

Social Problems – Stay Away

No gambling as we tend to lose control of time and money.  Moreover, addiction to gambling often leads to serious effects.

Do not smoke as smoking is one of the biggest cause of many preventable death, burning a lot of money.

Stay away from drinking as alcohol makes life worst.  We see the start of the fall of an empire.  The destruction of the family institution.  The collapse of the family economy.

Don’t forget to GIVE

Well, these are some steps of financial planning which we could practise to boost our financial wellness that can take us to financial freedom.  However, in the process to reach our financial freedom, we must not deprive ourselves of this one good deed – DONATION.  Donate some of what you have because this good deed could bring blessings to us and family.


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