Gc tea – Why is Gc tea a wellness choice?


Gc tea – a choice for wellness!

Do you believe that we need to control our sugar intake?

Well, the answer is an obvious YES as many of us is now a victim of diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, heart diseases and the list can actually go on.

Not surprisingly, the main culprit to this misadventure is the food that we consumed daily. Our everyday processed food, from cereals and bread to pasta sauce and soups contain sugar.  Our drinks could be even damaging.

The Truth About Sugarsugar - enemy

A high intake of sugar causes our blood sugar levels to shoot up, giving us that feel-good ‘high’ followed by a crashing slump which leaves us tired, irritable and craving for more sugary food.

To make things worst, we are also trapped into the hidden sugar contained in the so called natural food.  The natural sugar in some fruits, such as apples has increased as new varieties are bred to satisfy our desire for greater sweetener.

Low fat and ‘diet’ food often contain extra sugar to help improve their taste and palatability and to add bulk and texture in the place of fat.

It is a sad, sad situation to live in the world we are in today.

Don’t Despair!

New Encounter of Gc tea!

The New Wellness Revolution
The New Wellness Revolution

Have you ever heard of Gc tea – Glucose cut tea?

Gc tea is a glucose-management herbal tea specially formulated with history and clinically proven botanical ingredients.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) have concluded that Gc tea contained ‘good scientific evidence’ herbs.

What is in Gc tea?

6 ‘good scientific evidence’ herbs

Gc tea contains :

  1. Green tea – stimulate metabolism and fat burning.
  2. Gymnema Sylvestre – Gymnemic acid fill the receptor location on our taste bud thus prevent activation of sugar molecules in food, curb sugar craving, promote low blood sugar level due to the prevention of sugar molecules being absorb by the intestine.
  3. Mulberry – inhibit the intestinal metabolism of disaccharides thereby restricting the amount of glucose that enters the circulation.
  4. Rooibos – active compound aspalathin stimulate pancreatic beta-cells to secrete insulin to convert sugar to energy.
  5. Peppermint leaves – help to relax and reduce stress
  6. Stevia leaves – regulate blood sugar levels and improve pancreas function.

Gc tea helps to :gctea english

  • prevent excessive sugar intake
  • reduce risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
  • control body weight
  • reduce risk of chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure etc.
  • speed metabolism
  • promote healthy skin
  • maintain a healthy circulatory system
  • full of antioxidants
  • lowers stress and boost brain power
  • antiviral and antibacterial

Be safe with Gc tea

100% natural
100% natural

No sugar content & with natural sweetener

No chemical additives

No colouring

No flavouring & preservatives

No side effects & drug interaction

100% Natural

Who should drink Gc tea?

  • Those with health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart diseases, cancer..etc
  • Those who want to stay slim and healthy
  • Those on diet
  • Those who care about wellness
  • For everyone

Here’s how you can prepare your Gc tea.

how to prepare gc tea

Alternatively, you can steep 1 sachet of Gc tea into 1 litre flask of hot water. Drink it sparingly. Make sure you drink a cup of Gc tea half an hour after every meal. Drink Gc tea hot or warm. Avoid drinking Gc tea when it is already cold.

Testimonies Pouring In

Amazingly, everyday new testimonies are received from those who have successfully controlled their blood sugar levels, reduced their body weight, cholesterol level and also high blood pressure.

The effectiveness of Gc tea most importantly lies in the user’s ways and consistency of drinking Gc tea.

The easiest method to gain the benefit of Gc tea is to take Gc tea daily and consistently before or after every meal so as to improve our body metabolism thus control the daily sugar intake.

Customers’ Testimoniesproven testimonies
gctea testi4The result after consuming Gc tea for one month. Awesome!


Before consuming Gc tea, this customer weighed 137kg. However, with constant taking of Gc tea, his weight has decreased to 107kg. Marvelous. 

gctea diabetes reading

The effect of Gc tea on a diabetic patient can be seen as early as 3 days. The reading was 35.5 on the first day. Down to 24.2 on the second day and 21.2 on the third day. There’s always hope with Gc tea.

How much is Gc tea?

top excellence brand
Top Excellence Brand

Contain 60 sachets in a box of Gc tea. Could last for about 2 months.

Rm 150 (West Malaysia)

Rm 160 (East Malaysia)

S$60 (Singapore)

BND60 (Brunei)

Contact us for other countries.

Very affordable. If you think Wellness is Expensive, Try Illness!!!

You want to know more!rashwealthgroup

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9 thoughts on “Gc tea – Why is Gc tea a wellness choice?”

  1. Wow I really have to get myself Gc tea, I don’t really like sugar in my tea but I do like a lot of sweets and junk foods, I have tried to tone it down after my doctor told me I might have a high possibility of becoming diabetic, but I cant seem to stop. Any help on how I can stop apart from the Gc tea?

    Thanks for the knowledge Norleila

    • Hi Epifania,
      Glad that I could share with you ‘Gc tea – why is Gc tea a wellness choice?’ Many of us have fallen into the trap of sugar. Whatever we consumed is never short of sugar. Sugar seemed to be a silent killer as many had eventually ended up with all kind of illnesses as a result of sugar.
      The emergence of Gc tea is very timely.. Gc tea is a sugar and carbo blocker. Many have benefitted from Gc tea. Those with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity…have shown promising results from Gc tea consumption.
      With its affordable price, one should include Gc tea into his/her daily menu. Moreover it is so easy to practise Gc tea. You just need to drink it consistently to reap its benefits.
      I could never think of anything else to replace Gc tea as Gc tea has overwhelming testimonies.
      I would definitely recommend Gc tea to everybody – the healthy and the sick.
      I would suggest that you start on Gc tea as your current diet of sweets and junk food is moving towards the illness direction. Action should be taken before it gets worst.
      Do keep in touch should you need further clarifications. I would gladly be at your service.
      Thank you for your interest in Gc tea.

      Best regards,

  2. Great article on Gc tea! Lots of great ingredients included here. Sounds like a perfect drink for people with Type 2 diabetes. An all natural drink for all of us. I noticed that it should be hot or warm. Why can’t you have it cold? Sometimes I prefer ice tea to hot tea. In any case, I will have to try it.

    • Hi Kevin, great that I could share Gc tea with you. Looking at the health statistics today, it is only wise to be mindful of what goes down our throat. Any healthy food or drinks that promises good health should not be ignored. Gc tea has received many great testimonials from our customers such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, gout and many more.
      Why should we drink Gc tea hot or warm? Well,drinking warm tea allows the body to relax, calm down, and cool itself down to a normal homeostatic temperature (equilibrium). Besides that it also helps your digestive organs. Moreover, warm teas promote circulation and nutrient absorption in the body. It also keeps your lungs healthy.Long term accumulation of cold in the body can really weaken lung function to the point of developing chronic diseases like sinus infections, allergies, hay fever and asthma. In addition warm liquids can help to ensure that fat stores are used for energy, which is why teas are considered a major aid in weight loss.
      I would recommend that you get your first box of Gc tea and start your way to a healthy living. You may contact me via whatsapp should you need help with your order or just leave a comment below.
      Thank you and may you be granted the best of health.
      Best regards

  3. Great piece of info and what a tea this GC tea is!

    I’m familiar with how problematic sugar overconsumption can be. People are so used to pouring sugar into their tea it is disgusting really. But this GC one, seems ideal for fat loss and maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.

    The ingredients are superb and all proven to help with weight loss, and stelvia is an awesome substitution to sugar.

    Can you get it from Amazon or something?

    • Hi Norijan Yusoff

      Please contact me at this no. whatsapp +60177179614

      My facebook page : Norleila Mygohealthy

      Thanks for your interest.

      Best regards,


  4. I’m not a big tea drinker. I would always have hot tea if I didn’t feel good and my throat hurt.
    I never heard of gc tea before. But I do drink green tea because it’s very good for you.
    Glucose cut tea? This sounds very inviting seeing as I have diabetes. I’m for anything that will help lower my blood sugar.
    How does it taste and how much should I drink?

    • Hi Rob,

      If you’re a diabetic it is strongly recommended to take Gc tea – Glucose cut tea.

      With its perfect combination of 6 finest tea, it tastes great.

      You just need 1 sachet a day. Seap a sachet into a 1 ltr thermos flask. Drink at least 3 times a day half an hour after a meal.

      Drink Gc tea everyday. You’ll see an amazing effect.

      Do advise me should you need a box.

      Best of health to you.



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