Giving Is Charity !


Giving is Charity

Do you know that through giving we are nurturing our spiritual development ?

How then can we develop the spirit of giving ?

Let’s look into the beauty of giving as Giving is Charity !

As most of us are aware, giving is an act of kindness.  It is not restricted to only money and belongings.  Giving goes beyond that.

There are many forms of giving.  Here are some guidelines as to the art of giving.

What is True Giving 

A quality giving is a true giving.  A gift that is given sincerely without any thought or desire for something back.  A gift that comes straight from the heart without expecting something in return.  It is important for us to give out of our own free will without any feelings of being forced or coerced.give

This is because, a gift not from the heart will only leave us with that uncomfortable feeling.  A feeling of a lost or a reduction.

Whilst, a sincere giving makes a person jump with joy.  It develops the sense of freedom and happiness.  Thus contribute to our good health.

It is noble to give of what we loved.  Giving something that we loved or treasured is highly regarded compared to giving away things which we no longer in need or valued.  This again enhances our spiritual development.

Giving is the highest form of humanity.  Through giving, our heart is guided towards the love of humanity.  Thus giving is regarded a joy not a burden.  Our hearts remain soft as it creates consciousness in helping others.  Therefore, it is important to recognize the intention of giving, that is, to create happiness for both the giver and the receiver.

Should Charity Begin at Home

Do you know who are on the top priority list to receive our gift?Giving is Charity

Our neighbours – regardless of their race, class, creed or religion.  Served them with happiness and with honour.  Do not degrade them.  It is with their presence that we are able to practise the art of giving.  Thus eradicate ourselves from selfishness and greed.  Hence purifies our heart.

On the receiver part, it removes the feelings of envy and jealousy, hatred and uneasiness.  Thus a close bond is developed.

Looking at the above, is giving restricted to only those with excess ?  Not at all.  In fact, giving is a gift to everybody, small, big, rich and poor.

How is this so ?

To smile in the company of your brother is charity.

To guide a person in a place so that he would not get astray is charity.

To remove troublesome things like stones, thorns and bones from the road is charity.

To pour water from your jug into the jug of your brother is charity.

Saying kind words to your parents is charity.

Feeding hungry or thirsty animal is charity.

Learning and then teach to others is also charity.

Well, the list can actually go on and on.  So, have we done our part to promote charity today ?

Let’s foster goodwill.  Practice with awareness.  Enhance the spirit of kindness through the upholding of charity.  We will find ourselves richer, happier and healthier because Charity is Divine.   Charity itself is a way to get closer to our Creator.  Charity earns God’s pleasure !  Thus, Giving is Charity !



As always, I look forward to any comments or views that you may like to share.  Feel free to drop your lines anywhere within my website.


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8 thoughts on “Giving Is Charity !”

  1. Hi, Leila! Nice post and nice site! It’s sure to help many in our cruel world in which we live! (So many are on the way to self destruction)! Well organized with lots of content! You should do well!

    • True Don, there’re so much cruelty, too much destruction. After all the hard works of beautifying the world, it is the same hand that destroy the beauty. Why ? So much misunderstanding, too much misinformation, abundance of misinterpretation. Let’s help ourselves with knowledge. Knowledge will take care us and not be the victim of circumstances. Thanks for your visit Don. Take care !

  2. Good day, Norleila. The more you give to people, usually the more you will receive. Giving without expect any return is very noble act. Great post! 🙂

    • That’s it Nieve, charity begets charity ! When the heart is pure, then giving will be free from wanting something in return. The irony here is that, to purify the heart, we have to practise a lot of giving. Take care !

    • Yes Ren, giving with a motive for something in return is an act of selfishness. Whereby giving should actually be an act of generosity. Well, it needs knowledge and constant practise in order for giving to be a true giving. Thanks for visiting Ren.

  3. Hi this was a great post! I’m a firm believer in the power of giving. I think as a kid I was very absorbed in the act of receiving but as I get older, I’m much more satisfied with the ability to give a good gift. There’s just no supplementing that emotion.

    • Well Ashley, it takes two parties to make giving possible. I would say you have upgraded yourself. The upper hand is better than the lower hand. Congratulations !


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