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Today’s world is full of deception.

Is this an over statement?

Let’s walk through this world with me.

Enemies of Deceptionnorlleila

I was at the good care group polyclinic, accompanying my cousin for her doctor’s appointment.  At 62, she’s overweight, suffering from illnesses like diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension.  Her left leg was also a bit weak.  Five years ago, she had an operation for her womb cancer which constitutes a major surgery.

When her turn was  called, I followed her into the consultation room.  Inside there sat a male doctor staring at the computer screen for the impact of the lab test report done a week ago on my cousin.  The doctor was satisfied as the result of the lab test was good.

“Your health is good.  Remember to take your medicine.  Do not stop.”  That was the professional advice by the young doctor.

Back to history, she had been eating her favourite fast foods most of her life.  Since she was working, cooking is not in her routine schedule.  Moreover, working in a cold room environment had somehow contribute to her “good health.”

Top Fakes Exposed

As most of us are aware, the moment we are prescribed with all  these conventional drugs, it is very unlikely that we can reverse medicinethe situation.  A majority of us will have to live with these drugs for the rest of our life to maintain the so called “good health”.  Some people are so brainwashed until they  believed  that their lives are dependant on these “life savers”.

Little do they know that what looked “good” is just a camouflage, suppressing the real problem.  These “magical bullets” that were prescribed had actually caused many chained illnesses.

Nature Does Wonders

Come back to the truth – the natural antedotes.  Acquire the necessary knowledge and discover the miracles of the natural earth abundance.  There is no short cut to a healthy life.  A proper diet and consistent exercise coupled with disciplines are some of its secret requirements.  We have to work hard towards achieving our goals.  The world of good health is not for the timid, lazy people.

Uncover the deception of the top fakes.  Only those who dare to change will succeed.



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  1. Great entry in your site, interesting, and true, the earlier we make changes to natural lifestyle the best for our health.

    • You are right Ale. We have been abusing our health. We never bothered ourselves with nature. I hope to create awareness within my website and help others with total wellness. Glad you share the same concern. Take care.


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