Is Honey Good For Liver ?

Why Is Honey Good For You?

Do you know that honey is good for your liver?  Honey helps liver function in human body.  In fact, honey is a natural sweetener that is rich in nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin B6, B1, B2 and B5.  Honey is also enriched in minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus and zinc.

Besides that honey’s antioxidant properties help to neutralize the effects of free radicals.   Honey also protects the liver from toxic substances.  The phenolic compounds which are antioxidants in honey is said to be responsible for the liver protecting effect.

Moreover, bile which is produced in the liver to help with the digestive system is at times associated with problems such gallstones, inflammation and also tumors.  As a result the liver suffers damages.  However, the consumption of honey is believed to help in the liver cleansing.

The presence of amino acid in honey further helps the liver health as amino acid is the building blocks of protein.  Therefore it is wise to consume honey as honey is good for your liver.


Do not pressure your liver with table sugarTable Sugar

Do you know that when you take table sugar, the liver will have to perform continuous work to split the sucrose in the table sugar into fructose and glucose?  This process puts pressure on the liver.

On the contrary, honey with its natural fructose and glucose elevates the hard work on the liver thus enables the liver to relax.

This natural glucose in honey in turn keeps the brain sugar levels high and helps to release fat burning hormones.  Whilst the natural fructose helps liver regeneration.

You can buy honey as honey is good for the liver.


What Is Honey Diet?Honey Meal

Change your table sugar to honey diet.  Replace your daily intake of sugar with honey for your meals and beverages.  Honey diet helps you burn a lot of fats and improve your stamina.  But most importantly, besides being an immune booster, helping the digestive disorders, upper respiratory tract diseases, strengthen the bones, honey helps with liver detoxification and regeneration.

It is good to take honey before your bedtime because when you take natural honey before going to bed, the honey is believed to be able to fuel your liver. It is recommended to take 2 to 3 spoonsful honey mix with hot water before bedtime as this help you to burn more fat.  In other words, honey taken before sleep helps to speed up fat burning metabolism and at the same time ease stress hormones.  This will result in a better night sleep.


What Happened When You Consume High Dietary Fructose?Obese

Food that contains high dietary fructose such as refined sugars contribute to the development of metabolic syndrome.  A situation where there is an increase incidence in diabetes coupled with obesity.  Diabetes is commonly associated with liver dysfunction.  However the consumption of honey helps to improve blood sugar control hence helps diabetic situation.

As for obesity, fat is not the culprit for metabolic disorder but the consumption of carbohydrates especially refined sugars high in fructose and also corn syrup are its major contributing factors.

So love your liver.  Honey is good for liver.  Change your diet.  Enjoy the Amazing Benefits of Honey and live a healthy lifestyle.


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16 thoughts on “Is Honey Good For Liver ?”

  1. Hi Norliela,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge on the benefits of honey as opposed to the stressed refined sugar puts on the liver, which does make sense.

    I’d just like to add that raw honey has all of those properties, but honey that’s been heat treated loses most of these nutrients and they just end up affecting you almost the same as refined sugar.

    Also, raw honey is also really good to treat on burns, and pretty much 100 other things, but yeah, honey is definitely a magical food!

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, and all the best,


    • Hi Katia,

      You are perfectly right, we should consume only pure raw honey as the processed honey would have lost most of its nutrients.

      Pure raw honey is good for the liver whilst honey that has undergone heating treatment would be hazardous and detrimental to the liver.

      As liver is a vital organ, we should take proper care of it. With honey we could lessen the work put on the liver.

      Thank you for your contribution towards, “Is Honey Good For Liver?”

      Do come back for more updated information on liver.

      Best regards,

  2. Thanks for the excellent article Norleila, I knew that honey is good for me, but I have never bothered to look into details till now. Thanks to your article, now I know that honey is good for my liver and helps me to burn fat. I will definitely follow your advice on 2-3 spoons of honey before bedtime. Thank you

    • Hi Ruslan,

      Glad that I could share “Is Honey Good For Liver?”

      With the many health problems today, we should come back to nature for our health matters. Honey is definitely one of the best natural remedies made available to us.

      Please consume only pure raw honey and not honey that has undergone heating process.
      Pure raw honey would have many health benefits while processed honey would be hazardous to your health.

      Be consistent with your honey in take and I wish you the best of health.

      Best regards,

      • hi, i have a fatty liver my sgptvis 83 while.the normal result should be 63. my question is is genuine honey good for me or will it worsen my condition ?

  3. I always regard honey as a medicine. A remedy which is a stress reliever for some reason. I am sure there is scientific rationale to my argument, no?

    Relating with bile and liver, in a way, you’re saying consuming honey clear and cleanse the digestive system? Indirectly speaking.

    In my opinion, I believe sweeteners, the artificial ones, should be replaced with honey.

    Would it better if coca-cola produced a genuine honey drink? Not fizzy of course.

    • Well Tar, honey has long been used as medicine because of its medicinal properties.
      Besides that honey was used as natural sweetener long long time ago but we have forgotten about honey today.
      As a result there are just too much health issues surfacing. It’s time to comeback to the natural remedies. With the knowledge that honey is good for liver, we should turn to correct ourselves and start living a healthy lifestyle.
      But please make sure that you only consume pure raw honey and not the processed honey because a processed honey would have lost its nutrients, vitamins, minerals…etc.
      Thanks for your interest in “Is Honey Good For Liver”

      Best regards,

  4. A very informative post on honey and its effect on our liver!

    However, I am a bit concerned about the fructose content in honey. You mentioned in your post that honey has “natural fructose and glucose”. You also mentioned that foods high in fructose can contribute to the development of metabolic disorder. So, will the consumption of honey lead to metabolic disorders, since honey contains natural fructose?

    • Hi Christine T.

      Thank you for following my “Is Honey Good For Liver?”

      Yes, honey contains natural fructose. However, honey is not consumed the way we consumed the carbonated drinks or processed food. So the issue here is the dosage of fructose. A small dosage of fructose is harmless. The problem of metabolic disorder arises when this fructose is consumed in large doses.
      Can you imagine how much fructose is present in a can of ice lemon tea or any carbonated drink?

      But of course the honey will have to be the pure raw honey. and not honey that has been heavily processed. Honey that has undergone excessive heating process would have destroyed some of the critical natural enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Thus the health benefits of honey are reduced or eliminated.

      Hope this help.

      Best regards.

  5. I am a great believer in the benefits of honey. It is nature’s proper alternative to all those terrible man-made and processed sugars that have blighted modern life and diets to the extent that we see all around us. So many overweight people, especially in the west, with all the related health problems that we see! Honey is such a marvelous choice, with those natural ingredients; everyone should eat it. It is another reminder why we need to look after the bees, too.

    • Hi Molly,
      Glad to know that you’re a great believer in the benefits of honey. It’s nature gift that we have to treasure. Honey is so rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it would be a loss if we failed to consume it. In fact we should make honey our daily food as honey is good for us especially our organs such as liver, kidney and digestive system.
      You are right we have to look after the bees as we need the honey because honey is good for liver and other important organs.
      Thanks for your contributions and response. Do come back for more updates.
      Best of health,

  6. I had heard that honey often seems to protect the liver from toxic substances – there are a few medical journals floating about out there at the moment that seem to back this up! I also heard that honey can protect against bile obstruction injuries within the body – have you heard about this and what are your views on it?

  7. I always turn to honey when I have a cold. A hot lemon and honey drink. Always helps. I use honey as sweetener in tea instead of sugar, love the yogurts that are sweetened with honey and love honey on toast. But everyone of these ideas is because I enjoy the taste and really personally like honey. I didn’t know how good it was for you. Thank you for all the information, you have really taught me a lot today. It will have me rethink every time I go to grab the sugar, can I replace this with honey.

  8. I never knew honey could help protect the liver. I have got into honey in the last few years and particularly like it on porridge and in tea with lemon or even just in hot water.

    Manuka honey seems to be the one everyone raves about but it is so expensive! Is it worth buying it in your opinion or does all honey pretty much do the same thing?


  9. I love honey and the benefits it provides. Honey is better than sugar and you can put it on a lot of foods.
    Since I have diabetes, I stay away from sugar anyway.
    It’s much healthier to have honey in your system than sugar anyway.
    It is better for your liver and your other organs too. Too much sugar leads to diabetes.
    Thank you for a very informative article!

  10. Hi Norleila,
    Honey has always been my first choice for my blocked nose, sorethroat & any flu. I just recovered from Laryngitis recently after a course of antbiotics as it was started on me for high fever & bad cough with phlegm.
    I even tried drinking tamarind juice to get back my voice. Finally, honey in hot water is still the best remedy. Thank you for sharing the benefits of honey.


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