Live an Organized Life

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The moment we open our eyes, we already have a list of activities waiting for us.  How we approach and execute these activities will influence the result of not only our lives but also the lives of people around us.  Our loved ones, close friends and even our rivals.

Always remember, we are not here in this world  to be miserable and heart broken but to live a happy, meaningful life.  Every breath we take, every move  we make, every single day, do we live an organized life?  In fact, whatever we do, it is best that we plan ahead.  The outcome of a proper planned, organized life is outrageous.  Organizing ones life is a starting point towards a happy, successful balanced living.

Whether we are parents, children, workers, bosses or whatever we named it, we will be heading the right directions if we organized our lives.  Even a little child who is already able to differentiate between the left and the right should be trained to start organizing his/her daily activities.  Such good habit, cultivated at an early age, will blossom into a healthy, responsible, loving and caring adult.

Know our Responsibilities

In order to live an organized life, we will first have to identify our responsibilities. It is important to prioritize our activities and errands.  We should make a schedule or roaster so that we can better handle our tasks.  Besides that,  we must also know our limit of doing things and not be burdened with irrational, unrealistic goals.  As such, a systematic way of life is greatly needed.

Have a System

With a system, we could be more focused on what we HAVE to do and not what we WANT to do.  As a matter of fact, being human, we get distracted easily whether we realized it or not.  Thus, if we are focused, we can avoid that uninvited excitement so that we can have an efficient handling of matters.

Reduce Stress

Furthermore, with the practise  of a planned, organized life, we could  reduce the level of stress.  Often, stress  leads to many chronic illnesses.  Therefore,  with good management of stress, we would be able to enjoy a cheerful, balanced life.

Make a Check List

Last but not least, it is advisable to have a check  list so that we can always do a review as we move along.  With a check list we can save ourselves from overlooking important events which could be jeopardizing.  We could even highlight all our crucial events so as not to miss them.  Thus, a check list could in fact help to tackle our weaknesses.

Finally, let’s first do a post mortem and review ourselves if we are on the right track.  Do we live an organized life?  If the answer is positive, GREAT!  If not, let’s get started and ignite A NEW REVOLUTION!



I always look forward to hearing from you.  If you have any views to share or any comments, do post them in the comments box below.


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