Mental Wellness – Your Mental Wealth

Mental Wellness

There are many factors that contribute to your good health.  One of the vital pillars is your mental wealth.  It is through the signals of your brain that the other organs of your body function.  Thus it is important to recognize the list of mental illnesses that could exist so as to upkeep your mental wealth.

Among the types of mental illness are conditions that cause mental block.  These are warning signs of mental breakdown which are disastrous to your well-being.  Hence, getting over mental block is a crucial attempt to preserve  your mental wealth.

Exercise Improves Your Mental Wealth

You should engage yourself in mental toughness sports such as swimming to get mental strength.  Swimming is a best mental exercise as it relaxes your body thus releases stress.

Besides swimming, reading is another form of mental strength exercise.  Not only it increases your knowledge, but also through reading you are able to ponder and think.  A critical mind builds through this process empowered the brain.

You could also strengthen your mind through positive affirmation.  Simple words like ” I can” is powerful enough to drive you to success.

Stop Mental Pollutionread

Seeing the importance of building mental strength, you should therefore lessen or at best stop mental pollution.

You should cut off on musics or reading materials that let you  dream aimlessly as these affect your critical thinking and drift you away from reality.

Addiction to alcohol, nicotine and chemical substances also diminishes your mental wealth.

As a final say, be wise to practise the  proper techniques and strategies of mental wealth so as to live a healthy life and enjoy continued wellness.

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2 thoughts on “Mental Wellness – Your Mental Wealth”

  1. I love your website! The benefits of a healthy mind and body are important all through life but as we age they become even more important.
    Thank you Norleila!

    • Very true Lorna. Every thing calls for our attention. Our body, mind and soul need tender care, nourishment from the very beginning of life. But unfortunately, most of us have taken health for granted and if we look at the health statistic, it’s terrifying.
      I hope more of us are taking the steps to a better, healthy living.
      Take care !


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