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Price : Affordable $432.55 exercise bicycle


Most of us have the ambition to stay healthy, fit and free from illnesses.  Sounds innocent, simple and easy.  But not many of us live to these expectations.

To stay healthy, young and vibrant…needs certain disciplines, well-balanced diet  and not forgetting exercise.

Many of us failed with our ambition to stay healthy as a result of our failure to upkeep with our exercise.

Are Exercise Bikes Good

Well, in this article I would like to introduce to you ProForm Recumbent Bike which will help you upkeep your physical exercise routine.

ProForm Recumbent Bike is an ideal choice to stay healthy and fit.  It has an oversized recumbent chair-like seat design which is adjustable and offers an incredible support to work out in comfort.  The extra lumbar support helps your posture so that your back doesn’t ache as you ride.

Furthermore, this ProForm 6.0 ES Exercise Bike is made compatible with iFit® Technology thus enable you to work out your fitness target efficiently.  With its online fitness tracking ability, this ProForm Recumbent Bike would definitely make a great experience in keeping you fit.  However, it needs iFit® wireless adapter which is sold separately.

Monitoring your fitness progress is further enhanced with the 4″ Backlit Display.  This 4″ Backlit Display enables you to track ifit Technologyyour speed, time, distance and calories burned thus making your fitness program much more easier.  Its  RaceTrack™ Display permits a track-style format monitoring.

In addition, ProForm Recumbent Bike comes with a 22 Built-in work out apps designed by a Certified Personal Trainer.  Each workout has a pre set speed, incline and time setting, hence it is much easier to reach your maximum performance target.

Getting on and off the 6.0 ES Exercise Bike is easier with its Step Thru™ Design unlike the traditional bike with the traditional bike base.

Besides this, you can also increase your intensity, calories burnt and muscle tone by just adjusting your bike’s 20 Digital Resistance Levels.

Furthermore, ProForm Recumbent Bike comes with the toe strap pedals thus keeping your feet in place hence increase stability.

If you are one of those who enjoy working out with music then this ProForm 6.0 ES Exercise Bike is equipped with a two 2″ speakers Compatible Music Pod for iPOD.  You just have to plug your iPod into the Intermix Acoustic 2.0 Sound System (iPod not included).  Get motivated to rock your way to fitness and wellness.

Experience a natural striding, smoother and more comfortable workout with the heavy duty, 14 lb effective Inertia-Enhanced strap pedalFlywheel that gives a faster gear ratio and effective weight placement.

It’s an added advantage to have a Dual-Grip EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor on this ProForm Recumbent Bike.  This built-in sensors help to check your heart rate and make sure that  you are in your target heart rate zone throughout your workout.  This helps to ensure that you are on track for a better, faster results.

If you are worried about the problem of moving your ProForm 6.0 ES Exercise Bike then be assured that the built-in wheels make the moving job fast and easy.

What more,  a convenient built-in Water Bottle Holder ensures your staying hydrated throughout your workouts.

This ProForm Recumbent Bike is ideal for the whole family use as its 300 lbs weight capacity is built to withstand heavy use.

The best part is this ProForm Recumbent Bike comes with a 5 year Frame Warranty and a 1 year Parts & Labour Warranty.  No headaches and worries as you work your way to healthy living lifestyles.

PRODUCT  SPECS:proform console

  • Model Number: PFEX53912
  • Levels of Resistance: 20
  • Heart Rate Monitor Type: Dual-Grip EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor
  • Speed Readout: Yes
  • Distance Readout: Yes
  • Power Source: AC Adapter Power Cord (Supplied)
  • Foot Straps: Yes
  • iFit: Powered by Google Maps™, training with Jillian Michaels, online fitness tracking and more; requires iFit® wireless adapter, sold separately; Google and Google Maps are registered trademarks of Google, Inc.
  • Cooling Fan: Yes
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Bottle Holder: Yes
  • Length: 52 inches
  • Width: 25.5 inches
  • Height: 61.5 inches
  • Weight: 123 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

So if you are serious to stay healthy, young and vibrant, then exercise is its important ingredients.  What better way to stay motivated and consistent than to have a ProForm Recumbent Bike by your side at all times.

You don’t have to worry about the weather conditions, environmental factors or whatsoever that hinders you from a perfect convenient workouts.


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  1. Hello Noriella,
    Your website looks great and neat and is full of useful information concerning maintaining health concerns.
    I enjoyed reading your post. Keep up the good work. See you later !


    • Hi Gregory,
      I’m here to share some information on health and wellness. It is our choice to stay healthy or ill. But of course we must equip ourselves with the proper and correct knowledge. Only then will we be able to make the right choice.
      How we live daily, our lifestyles, eating habits, diets and exercise routines determine our health direction.
      I hope with the sharing of health and illness information here it could create awareness on the importance of wellness to my readers.
      Thank you for your interest in my website. It is my hope that you gain some benefits out of it.
      Best regards,

  2. Hi!
    All I can say is that I am grateful for posting this article, it is really helpful for us. Being a regular gym member makes me understand better the topics you’re covering here. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work! Greetings, Bob

    • Hi Bob,
      I find that working out on stationary exercise bike gives a lot of flexibility. I could manage my own workout schedules be it rain or shine. With the fantastic features of the ProForm Recumbent Exercise Bike, doing workouts has never been easier.
      But most importantly, we have to be consistent with our exercise regime thus having the exercise bike with us at all times helps with the maintaining of our exercise routine.
      I’m glad that I could share this piece of information with you.
      Should you need any further information, do not hesitate to be in touch.
      Best regards,

  3. Hey.

    Great review, I could not have asked for much more information.

    The ProForm Recumbent Bike looks perfect and with the that ifit technology I am sure that I will be on the right track.

    Problem is, I do not know the first thing about fitness plans for it. Do you have any recommended plans for the best results? Does this come with the bike?

    Thanks for the help.

    • Hi Marc,
      It’s amazing how things catch up with technology and innovations. The ProForm Recumbent Bike is never an exceptional.
      With its superb design and features it takes care of most of our worries.
      It’s no problem if you are new to working out or you have no knowledge about fitness plan because this ProForm Recumbent Exercise bike is built-in with a 22 pre set workout programs which you can choose from. Besides that the 20 Digital Resistance Levels will help on your intensity.
      It’s really awesome to own a ProForm Recumbent Bike and work your way to fitness and wellness. If you need further clarifications do not hesitate to keep in touch.
      Best regards,

  4. What a great comprehensive review you have written. If you are in need of an exercise bike this review should be able to give you the skinny on this model.

    Unfortunately, every time we make a big exercise purchase it’s great for a few weeks and then the newness wears off.

    • Yes Debra,
      I’ve written a very comprehensive review on the ProForm Recumbent Bike to give my readers a clear view of what they will get if they intend to buy one. For $432.55 it’s a good buy.
      If you are worried of any problem after a few weeks used, I am pleased to tell you that this ProForm Recumbent Bike comes with a 5 years Frame warranty and a 1 year parts and labour warranty. This should put one’s mind at peace and begin with the body exercise.
      Should you need further clarifications please do not hesistate to keep in touch.

      Best of health,

  5. Hello Norleila,
    I like to ride bikes but in the winter it is not an idea that works well where I live too cold and too icy.
    The one that you show for $432.55 does it come fully equipped with all of the twenty two workouts you describe? A lot of models will say they come with them and then when you buy it you see you have to join a club or something in order to get them.
    The Fat Guy

    • Hi The Fat Guy,
      Well with the ProForm Recumbent Bike you do not have to worry about the weather. You can ride it rain or shine.
      The 22 workouts is a built-in feature but like I mentioned in the review, you will need a iFit wireless adapter (which is sold separately). This iFit adapter allows you to connect with and provides diverse workouts by partnering with Google Maps. Training with America’s toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels, is also possible through the iFit wireless adapter.
      I hope this help to get you started with your riding and keeping fit.
      Should you need further clarifications do not hesitate to keep in touch.
      Best regards,

  6. My personal fitness levels have always been a constant battle of mine. Due to work commitments I often find I dont have time to hit the gym and have often thought about something like this to help me out.

    I will certainly give some consideration to buying the proform because it has some handy features that impress me such as a work rate and heart rate monitor.

    • Hi Andy,
      Don’t be surprised that you’re not the only one with this constant battle to fight. That’s one of the reasons why the ProForm Recumbent Bike is around – to help people like you to maintain and upkeep fitness and wellness. All within your reach.
      So take action and start your way to a healthy you. Own a ProForm Recumbent Bike.
      All the best to you.

  7. Hi Norleila- This is a well written review on the ProForm Recumbent Bike. Clear and concise, it gives me all the information I need in an easy to understand format. This is exactly what I would need to make a knowledgeable decision if I was in the market to purchase an exercise bike. Well done!


    • Hi Tom, glad that you find this information on the Proform Recumbent Bike useful. It is important to have an overview of the bike so as to help us with the decision to own one. Having a stationary bike is really an advantage as we can exercise to suit our timing irregardless of the weather. What more with all the features found in this Proform Recumbent Bike, exercise can really be enjoyable and comfortable.
      I believe this review would sufficiently be enough to help you decide should you intend to own a recumbent bike.
      Thanks for your kind interest in this Proform Recumbent Bike review.
      Best regards,

  8. I try to get regular exercise. Biking and walking are two of my favorites. I can attest to the value of a recumbent bike because I have had on and off back trouble. I can use a recumbent bike as much as I want without ever having back problems. I can’t say the same about upright bikes.

    • You are right Mike the Proform Recumbent Bike is definitely an asset to get regular exercise. With its seat features, it really gives an incredible support to work in comfort thus help us with our postures. In other words, we can say goodbye to backaches.
      Owning a Proform Recumbent Bike is surely a worthwhile investment towards a healthy living lifestyle.
      Thanks for your interest in the Bike review and I hope it helps you should you need to own a Recumbent Bike.
      Take care!

  9. A great article! You really went in depth
    explaining the ins and outs of this machine! Your
    site layout is very relaxing and you’ve organized
    things really well. I especially like the bullet points
    at the bottom to kind of break up the information.
    I think staying healthy and fit is something that more
    people need to attempt.. especially in a country
    such as the US where we are in a constant battle over what is good to eat and what isn’t. Keep up the great work!

    • Well said Stu, we should make a serious attempt to stay healthy and fit. Exercise is one of the essential ingredients to achieve good health.
      With the Proform Recumbent Bike, it has never been easier to keep up with our regular exercise. The weather is no longer a hindrance for us to exercise with this bike. Therefore, owning a Proform Recumbent Bike is definitely an advantage and a plus factor towards a healthy lifestyle.
      I believe this review is sufficient to help you with your decision should you want to buy an exercise bike.
      Thank you for your interest in the review. Wishing you the best of health.

  10. I love recumbent bikes! Especially while watching a movie… great review article on this bike. I’ve been looking at exercise equipment lately and I’m not sold in anything just yet.
    Do you use it as well?
    What’s your personal favorite options with this bike?
    What makes it better than it competitors?


    • Hi Benjamin,
      Recumbent bikes are the choice of many health conscious people. With the awesome features it’s easier to monitor your progress and meet your target. For me I love nearly all the features as they help me with my target setting and give me more confident on my way to a better health. The seat is so comfortable that I could sit and spend a longer time without sacrificing my butt.
      This Proform Recumbent bike is sure a good choice to get started and maintain your exercise routine. I really hope more people will take their health seriously and recognise the importance of exercise and stop being lazy.
      Thanks for your contribution and hope to share with you more updates on health issues. Take care!

  11. Hi, thanks for sharing your knowledge. I had heard honey had great properties. I believe you can use it mixed with oatmeal (for example) & make face masks too.
    On a different product, I’ve used whisked egg whites on my face to try & tighten the skin to get rid of those crows feet lines at the side of your eyes.

  12. The proform bike looks pretty comfortable to use!

    My biggest complaint about these stationary bikes is how unconfortable the seats are and I always feel like i am sliding off. I get all shifty and distracted, and people at the gym look at me weird.

    I like the wider seat that helps with posture, because when I am trying not slide down the seat of regular bikes, it seems i hunch over more.

    This would be a great addition to the gym I go to or for home!

    • Hey Survival Chick,

      You are right! This Proform Recumbent Bike is so comfortable with its wide recumbent chair-like seat design. This is a great help for our posture and back.

      What more with its fantastic features, it definitely makes exercise a great experience. Hence motivate a person to upkeep his exercise routine.

      I really hope more people will start exercising and continue with it to stay healthy. Thus this Proform bike would be a great advantage to own whether at a gym or home.

      Thanks for your interest in this Proform recumbent bike. Hope it helps with your decision should you wish to own one.

      Best regards,

      Thanks for

  13. I’ve had a stand-up bike, but it does not work for me. Whenever I decided to use it I would get distracted in my thoughts, the TV or the music and wouldn’t put the necessary effort in my training. Therefore, I never used it and gave it away. Now I prefer using video exercises with HIIT training. But I do recognize that this bike is a good start if you want to find your way into fitness and health.

    • Hi Ana,
      Sad to say, you’re not the only person who got distracted easily. Most of us get bored easily. In whatever we do, we usually get excited initially but the excitement died with time. This is where a high level of discipline is needed in us in whatever we do. If we manage to discipline ourselves then this Proform Recumbent Bike would be a great help to us in keeping and living healthy lifestyles.
      Best regards and good health to you.

  14. Hello Norleila, This article is really great. Liked the way you are deatiling every thing. You are absolutely right, in order to stay healthy, we all need to discipline ourselves. by exercising and taking a well balanced diet. the proform recumbent bike is super good. Thank you really for this great review.

    • Hi Charlotte,
      Glad that I could share the Proform Recumbent Bike review with you. There are many factors that contribute to our good or ill health. Exercising is one of the major factors that many of us failed to upkeep. To put it bluntly, we human are just lazy. So with the fantastic features of this bike I hope it’s a motivation for us to live a healthy lifestyle.
      Do comeback for more updates on health issues.
      Thank you for your visit and contributions.
      Best regards,

  15. Hi,
    I am on a going healthy journey myself and I suffer from lower back pain. I like to exercise and stay healthy but some of the workouts cause more pain than they are worth. I’m looking more more low impact exercises like the recumbent bike. Are there anymore low impact exercise machines that you can recommend?

    • Hi,
      It’s great to know that you are on the healthy journey. A Proform Recumbent Bike is one of a great home exercise equipment.
      However, there are many other low impact exercise machines that are also worth considering.
      But of course each individual would have different choice or preference.
      A machine that suits your need and within your budget would be a preferred choice. But most importantly you should be able to exercise consistently with your equipment’s choice.
      Hope this would help you to own a home gym equipment to continue your healthy journey.
      Best regards,

  16. What a great piece of home gym equipment. It is pricy for home use but you are getting gym equipment quality. I think this is something I would purchase myself if I was looking for bike. Great overall blog and well presented 10 out of 10!. Do you recommend a treadmill as that is what I’m really after.

    • Hi,
      You are right, Proform Recumbent Bike is a great home gym equipment. It is so convenient to carry out workouts and you can actually schedule your own routine.
      Of course there are many other home equipment that can be considered.
      A treadmill would be another alternative to a great home gym equipment. However, be it a Proform Recumbent Bike, treadmill or any other home gym equipment, the most important thing is to stay consistent with the workouts and never to give up on exercising.
      Hope this helps.
      Best regards,

  17. I always wanted a bike like this in my home. When the rain season hits it sucks to go outside with the wind and the cold and the rain. Best thing to do is just get a damn bike in my house. Ive been keeping an eye on this thing for a while now and I think ima gonna do it. Thanks for the review

    • Hey Maurice,
      It’s high time to own a Proform Recumbent Bike. It’ll definitely save you from the wind, cold and rain. What more, it’s so convenient to have a Proform Recumbent Bike by your side as you can schedule your own workout time. In the long run it will also save you a lot of money than going to the gym.
      Its great features are motivating factors to own a Proform Recumbent Bike.
      Hope you’ll come up with a wise decision and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
      Be Well,

  18. This is a good tool that you can use and get a good work out without leaving your home, that information that you have here and how you break down every part of this bike is good. I am sure that your viewers will find the information that you have here most helpful. Good job

    • Hi Norman,
      Thanks for sharing my insights on Proform Recumbent Bike. It would be great if every home is equipped with a Proform Recumbent Bike as this would be a great support for healthy living. The health statistics are worrying thus we have to take the necessary actions to keep healthy. A Proform Recumbent Bike would be a convenient way to perform workouts.
      Moreover, its many great features would be motivating and make workouts more interesting.
      Well, I hope this review would help more people to own a Proform Recumbent Bike.
      Thanks again for your contributions Norman.
      Best regards,

  19. Thanks for this great review. I used to go to the gym everyday for a few years and I was paying around 60 bucks a month for mine. They had awesome equipment for cardio like this bike. One day I just decided to buy one and it’s awesome how much money you get back in savings because I stopped going to the gym and started exersizing at home. It just feels better for me personally. these bikes are definitely great for losing weight and getting in shape. Thanks for the review!

    • Hi Michael,
      It’s my pleasure to share this review on proform recumbent bike. You are right, not only you save money but also it’s convenient as you can schedule your own available time.
      Besides that with all the great features, this Proform Recumbent Bike is definitely a great encouragement to keep your exercise routine.
      Hope you’re doing fine with your workouts and I wish you the best of health.
      Best regards,

  20. I really want to start exercising but have been putting it off because I have a bad knee. I also broke my right ankle a few years ago and every once in a while I get pains in it. Because of this I continue to avoid exercise.

    A friend suggested I try a bike because the impact wouldn’t be as bad as a treadmill but I don’t know the first thing about exercise bikes.

    Your review on the Proform Recumbent bike is great! This bike sounds wonderful and is making me want to start exercising right now! And the price is quite reasonable. I figured I would end up having to spend over $1000 on a decent piece of equipment.

    I am going to show your review to my husband and see if I can get him on board!

  21. Hi,

    Hey this preform bike looks nice! I currently have a preform treadmill and I can only say good things about it. I think that I am going to buy the bike because it looks like it has many good features!

    Thanks for the awesome bike review! I hope you come out with a treadmill or elliptical review.

  22. Hi,

    Compared to other products this looks nice and affordable. I am on a budget that this will be great to have.

    I will invest and put money to buy this because I know it is to better my health. Anything that is for my health I take very seriously!

  23. I’ve been needing a new piece of exercise equipment at home for quite some time now. i used to have a dope treadmill at home, but my friend came over and broke it (he was a bit too big ::facepalm::). This looks like a good piece of equipment and is cheaper than a treadmill. Great review on this awesome product.

  24. Seems like a pretty cool exercise bike. At first glance it seems like the price is a little on the expensive side, but if all you want to do is get some cardio in then this a good investment instead of having to go to the gym and use their bicycle. After a few months of paying for the membership you could have already bought yourself your own. Great review!

  25. HI Norleila, great review of the ProForm Recumbent Bike, it looks like a great bike with a lot of great features. My only question is, how good is the bike for taller people? I’m 6-2 with long legs so would I have problems pedaling or getting full range of motion when pedaling?
    Otherwise, great review & keep up the great work.


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