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Eating is a pleasure and I enjoy eating.  I want to eat and stay healthy.  Nobody should be stopped from eating as long as the food is not detrimental to one’s body.  Hence, it is important to know the art of healthy eating.  Thus here, I would like to share some simple tips on healthy eating.

Needless to say, what we eat has a strong impact on our wellness or illness.  Many illnesses or diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and obesity arose because of our failure to recognize the importance of healthy eating.  Even if we recognized, we failed to upkeep healthy eating.

Easy Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy eating requires discipline, consciousness and awareness.  Do I have to deprive myself of food in order to stay discipline?  Not at all.  Discipline does not call for deprivation of food but rather management.  Managing oneself of his/her habits of eating is the subject matter.

In fact, everything we do, need proper planning.  Likewise, healthy eating.  We have to plan what to eat, when is the best time to eat or not to eat and how do you eat to attain maximum benefits.  Hence eating is a conscious activity.  We don’t just grab anything reachable and flushed down our stomach.Healthy Food

In order to be conscious of what goes down our throat with maximum benefits, we need awareness.  Therefore, knowledge is a crucial factor to bring awareness.  How nutritious a food is, how should it be cooked or consumed so as not to lose its nutritional values, requires knowledge.  ( Does nutrient intake affect your health)

In addition, eating in moderation is a good practice to achieve healthy eating as extravagance is disastrous to our health.  In most cases, extravagance leads to illnesses or diseases.  On top of eating in moderation, it is recommended to eat in small portion.  But of course that small portion must be a source that contribute to balanced diet.  Our body needs substantial nutrients and calories for our organs to function effectively.  Lacking in nutrients and calories resulted in health disaster!

Rock Salt Benefits

The next tip is that  “rock salt”.

Do you know that a pinch of rock salt before starting a meal does a great job to our body?  Our body needs mineral and rock salt is one of the sources of minerals.  Rock salt is also an effective healer for food poisoning.

According to doctors, the initial treatment for food poisoning victim in hospitals is sodium chloride and of course one of the souces of sodium chloride is rock salt.

So remember to take that pinch of rock salt before eating your meal because that rock salt can prevent food poisoning.

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Well if you look around, you will notice that there are people eating with forks and spoons,  some with chopsticks and others with their hands.

What is the secret behind eating with the right hand?

Take Care of Stomacheat with finger

For your information, scientists have discovered that our fingers release digestive juices and enzymes when in contact with food.  In fact, the moment our fingers touch the food, millions of nerves ending on the tips of our finger receive temperature and texture reading that is immediately send to the stomach.  This helps with the digestive process.  Also the release of the digestive juices and enzymes helps the bowel system thus ease constipation.

Another simple tip to help with the digestive process is to chew our food thoroughly before we allow it to go down the stomach.  This will surely reduce the pressure put on the intestine.

Improve Digestive System Naturallyfinger licking after eating

Before you clean or wash your hand after eating, make sure you practise the “finger licking after eating”.  Licking fingers produces more saliva which help to digest food faster.  But of course before you eat with your fingers, make sure you  wash your hands thoroughly.  Only then will you enjoy the benefits of finger licking after eating.

Well, these are some of the simple tips on healthy eating.  Simple and easy to practise.  Tips that could give great impact on our health. Do take advantage of these simple tips on healthy eating and start living a healthy life.

I look forward to your response.  If you find this information beneficial, please click the share button on top so that more people can benefit. Keeping healthy is our responsibility.  Creating awareness is our joint commitment. Lets help each other with healthy living.


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28 thoughts on “Simple Tips on Healthy Eating”

  1. Very interesting view on eating and worth taking into account.
    For example I strongly agree with you that we should sit between food intake. I think that you are very familiar with this topic and I’ll visited your website repeatedly.
    Thanks for your informations

    • Simple tips on healthy eating. If we can live with this simple tips, I believe we can change the health statistic. We have to work together to bring health awareness to others.
      Thank you for your regular visit, Joze. Hope to continue to be a source of health information. Take care and have a great day!

  2. Great article- the art of healthy eating – you are sooo right – it is an art and a lost art

    I had heard different types of clay are good for food poisoning, like bentonite clay or activated charcoal; never heard about rock salt, what about the inorganic minerals that some people say can’t be digested? Have you heard of pink salt, Himalayan salt ?

    • Hi Moz, glad I could share these simple tips on healthy eating with you. As health is important, sharing every little thing counts.
      You’re right, some used bentonite clay or activated charcoal for food poisoning.
      My suggestion was to practise a pinch of rock salt before starting a meal so as to prevent food poisoning.
      Well, Himalayan crystal salt is also commonly known as rock salt and is classified under inorganic minerals.
      Looking forward to more sharing, Moz.
      Take care and be well!

  3. Great article. It was a lot of information here that I did not know, like the rock salt and the fingertips. I wish you had a Pinterest button on this site, would love to share this on my healthy boards, thanks for posting

    • Simple tips on healthy eating. Glad you find the article informative. I hope to share more simple tips and to put that Pinterest button (will look into it).
      Thank you for your kind visit, Marith. Take care and stay well!

  4. Hi Norleila,

    What a fabulous and informative post! It’s packed full of things you normally don’t think about while eating…yet are important.

    Thanks for posting it.


    • It’s my pleasure to share these simple tips on healthy eating, Andy. Glad that you find them beneficial. Looking forward to share more.
      Do come back for more updates.
      Take care and be well!

  5. Norleila,

    There is so much excess in the ‘greedy part of the world’ that I agree totally with reducing size of meals etc.

    Have you ever noticed how, when you order at a restaurant, what you want to be, say a simple sandwich, you get instead a huge meal with a huge price to go with it! (The restaurant gets “fatter” but so do you!)

    Another habit I am trying is to half the amount in the cup, of the tea, coffee etc I have. Usually I still get more than enough, but with half the sugar and milk.

    I like your simple advice and nice site. Often simpler is better.

    • Hi Shawn,
      Very sad to see that on one part of the world there are so much excess and on the other, people hardly have food to eat. At the end of the day, both become unhealthy.
      Looking forward to a day, we practise all these natural, simple way of life. Thanks for your insights. Take care and stay well.

  6. Hey, Norleila, great post!

    That was so informative! I never knew some of those things before! My mom always taught me to eat with a fork! She would NEVER let me eat with my hands! I thought it was unsanitary to do so!

    On the other hand, my wife eats with her hands a lot! She grew up in Honduras, Central America, and that is a habit there! I thought she was disgusting for doing that! Turns out she is wiser, whether, or not she realizes it!

    Thanks so much for this information and keep up the good work!

    • Hey Donnie,
      Hope we could start with these simple tips on healthy eating as health is very important. What more with the alarming health statistics, we need to help ourselves.
      Your wife is sure being wise, knowingly or not.
      Thank you for your kind visit and contribution.
      Take care and good health to you always.

  7. Hi Norleila,

    This is great information and I am pleased you are sharing it. It brought back memories of a primary school teacher I had.

    He made us chew a piece of plain bread thirty times before swallowing it. By then the saliva had greatly increased and that bread tasted really sweet, like jam, and easily went down like a liquid.

    Thanks to your article here I am going to put more awareness into my eating habits!

    • Hey,hey Ben!
      Cool memory and surely a good and healthy one.
      These simple tips on healthy eating are really easy and I really hope would be practised consistently with dedication and perseverance.
      Glad you find them beneficial. Looking forward to uncover more.
      Have a great day and take care!

    • Hey Judy,
      My great appreciation for your presence here. I’m always delighted to share some tips on healthy eating as health is crucial. Most of the time we overlooked these tips. Looking forward to share more. Do drop by again for more updates. Thank you and stay well!

  8. It’s a real surprise to find out that licking fingers aids in digestion. Just think how many people are totally grossed out when they see someone licking their fingers. Well, I am jumping on the “finger licking” band wagon, lol

    • Hey Gordi,
      Great to hear you’re joining me on the ‘finger licking’ band wagon. It’s sure a great adventure and a healthy one. When we start practising all these simple tips on healthy eating and sharing with others, it will eventually pass the ‘alien’ bench. Looking forward to a better, healthier community. Take care and stay healthy!

  9. Very interesting post, more like fascinating post. Never heard of this before, especially licking your fingers but it makes so much sense. Well I’m still sitting while I eat and I will bookmark your site. My family wants to start eating healthy and I think I found the perfect source to help us. Thank you Norleila.

    • Hello Jazmin,
      It’s my pleasure to share these simple tips on healthy eating. In fact, it’s never too late to start eating healthy. Health is precious and it’s our responsibility to safeguard it. Glad that you find my website beneficial.
      Looking forward to sharing more informative health articles. Do come back for more updates. Have a great day. Take care!

  10. Very interesting. Yet another example of modern (although years ago) inventions for convenience being worse for our health. I may just go old school. Besides being better for your health it will mean less dishes to wash.

    • You’re right Chris, less dishes to wash means save water, lol. But most importantly, these simple tips take care of our health. Many of us are in great trouble with our health. Hope these simple tips on healthy eating help.
      Thank you for your visit, Chris. Do drop by for more sharing.Take care and be well.

  11. Interesting and so much information that we don’t even know. After reading your post I will want to take precaution with our eating habits. Do enjoy the read and do keep up the great works you had done here.

    Anyway, do have a great day and have fun.

    • Glad I could share these simple tips on healthy eating, Joel. Hope to bring awareness to many more. Do drop by for more health issues.
      A great day to you too and take care!

  12. Norleila

    I LOVE all these helpful tips!!! Phew, I’m glad I could lick my fingers (clean of course) AND I now remember to sit down to eat. Thank you for all your insight.

    • My pleasure to share these simple tips Debbi. Just remember to keep up with them. I’m sure they’ll do us some good. Health is very precious.
      Take care and stay well. 🙂

  13. Hi Norleila

    Thank you for yr “mygohealhy” site on such a great post on “simple tips on healthy eating”!

    I love the way you write, so simple and yet easy to understand message. I totally agree with you, that we really have to plan what to eat, when is the best time to eat or not to eat and to eat it moderately and in small portions!!

    Also, I didn’t know that a pinch of rock salt before meal can have such great benefits to our body as rock salt is a great sources of minerals and an effective healer for food poisoning. Thanks for these great tips!!

    Another good point you raised is that we should chew our food thoroughly, that I need to learn because I am always in a hurry when I am taking my meals … as you know, Singaporeans seeem to be in a hurry …

    Anyway, I simply love this post and I want to thank you for such a resourceful post on “simple tips on healthy eating”.

    Jewel you

    • Hi Jewel,
      Glad to know that helps you in a way or another. Wellness is a choice! It is for us to plan our life and make the right choice.
      Many a time we missed these simple tips on healthy eating thus creating havoc to our body system hence our wellness.
      I really hope that more people could benefit from thus move towards healthy living lifestyles.
      Thanks for your contribution on simple tips on healthy living. Do come back for more updates on health and wellness.
      Best regards,


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