The Benefits of Physical Wellness


When a person is physically fit, he can accomplish many activities.  He is free to carry out his activity at his liberty.  This is an example of physical wellness.  However, the moment something strikes and diminishes his fitness, a simple job could transform into a huge obstacle.  Therefore, needless to say, taking care and maintaining our physical fitness is one of our top priorities in life.

What Should We Do

Exercise plays an important role in helping us to reach our physical wellness destination.  It’s a journey which we should travel with awareness and realize its consequences.  Here are the benefits we can derive from exercise.

  • build bones and muscles strength thus prevent bones and muscles decay
  • relieve stress and improve our mood hence reduce depression and anxiety
  • reduce the possibility of chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, cholesterol and many others.
  • boost immune system – with increased immune system, our body is able to fight bacteria or virus attack. Basically, a low immune system invites unwanted diseases.
  • maintain healthy weight – naturally our weight will increase when our calories burn are less than calories we eat or drink.  Hence, exercise combine with healthy nutrients will help us to maintain or lose weight.
  • promotes better sleep – sleep is important as our body needs to recharge itself.  Good rest and better sleep boost our energy.
  • improves your sex life.
  • up scale self esteem and self confidence
  • increases longevity and improves quality of life

Ways To Exercise

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Many of us dreaded exercise.  The thoughts of routine strenuous work-out usually turn us off.  Well, this conception is only half truth.  There are many simple and creative exercises that we can perform.

To begin with, a walk around our neighbourhood is a good source of exercise.  Walking helps to burn off the calories.  A proper, disciplined schedule is an awesome way to a great result.

Walking up the stairs (especially if you have a flight of stairs in your house) is another innovative exercise.  Spend 10 minutes or so at a time, to walk up and down.  As we walk up, our blood pressure goes down and our calories burn.

Another pleasurable exercise is cycling.  However, be careful if we are cycling on the road as this could subject us to road mishap.

Alternatively, we can cycle on a stationery bike.  The advantages of a stationery bike are that, it is safe from road mishap and cycling can be more consistent as it is not affected by the weather factor.

Cycling maximises your lung capacity and stamina.  Also it keeps your joints constantly active.  As it allows low impact joint movement, stationery bike cycling is suitable for people with joint problem and the elderly.


Here’s a little warning to starting exercise.

  1.  It is recommended to consult a physician if you’re over 40 years old and have not been active for 12 months or longer.  People with health problem, obesity or occasional chest pain should also consult a physician before starting on an exercise
  2. Start gradually. Don’t be too over enthusiastic.
  3. A 30 minutes a day with moderate continuous exercise will do the job.  Do not over exert yourself.

Finally, it is possible to achieve physical wellness with consistent exercise and nutritious diets.

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