Tips Maintaining Good Health

tips fo your good health

Do you want some tips on maintaining good health?

Well, there are many health tips around us.  Most are obviously good.  To me, if I could practise some of these tips, I believe they could definitely  boost or at least have an influence on my health.  At best, a tip a day would drive the sickness away!

However, we have to remember that due to some factors like biological, hereditary, environmental, habits and lifestyles, these tips might work wonders to some but might not be to all.  Taking these factors into consideration, let me then share with you the tips on maintaining good health.

1.  Anger endangered your health – Stay cool!angry

Anger is the manifestation of not only sadness but also pride.

Are you a person who is easily angered  or you’re always capable of controlling your anger?  Why are you angry?

You know what happened when you are so, very angry?  Your hands trembled, your face turned red and your heart beat tremendously fast.  Most of your organs became chaotic – your brain, heart, arteries and many more.

Beware!  Should this situation persists, it is not surprising that your body system will break down.  This is because, anger when reaches its peak will affect your liver, increase your risk of hypertension, stroke, depression, heart disease and vertigo.  It also gives a great impact on your central nervous system.  Hence, anger is disastrous to your good health.

So be mindful.  I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be caught in such situation. Be good, stay cool!


2.  Over Relaxing – Wake up!lazy

Do you sometimes feel so lazy?  You just want to laze around doing nothing.  Be careful!  Do not follow your wants.  Wake up and be active.  Why?  Because being so restless can physically and emotionally weaken you.  All the energy is not burned but accumulated in your body.  This resulted in poor absorption of nutrients into your body.  Besides this, your blood circulation becomes poor hence affecting the functions of your heart and brain.

So stay active.  Wake up.  Do not be too lazy.


3.  Sleep – Get enough sleepenough sleep

Sleep is an important process of physiology and a vital element in human life.  The process of revitalisation of organs take place during sleep.  Deficiency in the quality and quantity of sleep affects your health and vitality.  Lacking in sleep also affects the balancing of cortisol and serotonin hormones.  An uncontrolled cortisol increases the risk of diabetes, whilst the lack of serotonin results in depression.  However, too much serotonin increases the risk of heart attack and heart diseases.

Studies done at the University of Chicago revealed that if you sleep less than 6.5 hours a day, it is likely that your blood sugar level will increase.  Besides that, it also increases your desire to eat  hence increases the risk of obesity.

A good night sleep is therefore recommended.  What constitutes a good  healthy sleep?  Sleeping 2 hours after dinner, that’s about 9 – 10 pm and waking up at 3-4 am.  It is notable that many heart attack or stroke happen between 3 – 6 am.

So monitor your sleep.  Please get enough sleep to maintain your good health.


4.  Tears.  Please cry!she cry

Studies done in Japan discovered that tears eliminate free radicals.  Besides that, a test done for a period of one year on rheumatic  patients revealed that the immune system of those patients  increased compared to those who seldom cry.

So don’t hold back your tears.  No need to be shy.  Just cry!



5.  Dehydration – Look out for the signs!

Dehydration happens when you don’t drink enough water or when the body excretes more water than it absorbs.  As a result, water contained in the body tissue is ‘suck out’ to help metabolism.  Hence, resulted in the dehydration of the body tissue. This in turn contributed to the shrinking and ageing of the cells.dehydration

Many a time, you don’t even realise that you are dehydrated.  However, it is highly recommended to check yourself for dehydration if you’re feeling restless, lethargic or continuously feeling sleepy.


Well these are some tips on maintaining good health.  It is important to recognise the signs and telling tales of your health.   You should upkeep the good health and change or improvise your way of life to good healthy living.


Should you have any views, suggestions or comments, please pen them in the comment box below.  I look forward to your constructive insights.

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4 thoughts on “Tips Maintaining Good Health”

    • Hi Toni, maintaining good health can look simple and practical. We have to make an effort to practise these good health tips. Hope it helps!
      Take care and stay well!

  1. Wow these are great tips that I quite frankly needed to read. I in particular struggle with being lazy and I know many people that I believe to be dehydrated after reading the possible symptoms. Simply put thanks.

    • Hi Diondre,
      Glad I could share tips on maintaining good health. We often overlook this matter or we’re just too lazy to even drink. Many illnesses call for plenty of water. Do come back for more updates. Stay healthy. Take care!


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