Total Wellness Book

Review : Total Wellness Book

By Joseph Pizzorno N.D.

Total Wellness: Improve Your Health by Understanding and Cooperating with Your Body’s Natural Healing Systems


Do you ever ponder how you are created?Total Wellness Book

Do you bother to find out how your body organs function?

Do you look to nature to maintain your health?

Do you understand the voices of nature?

Well, it is no surprise that many of us today have actually turned back to nature to keep healthy.  Nature has in fact so much health secrets in store thus it is only wise for us to dig into the secrets.

This book “Total Wellness” by Joseph Pizzorno N.D. is a well written, logical and easy to understand book.  It exposes the body’s own healing capabilities.

A very positive and informative book promoting natural health care.

Excellent and engaging, explaining the underlying mechanism of health and disease.

“Total Wellness” book offers a clear understanding of naturopathic principles hence empower readers to have more control over their health care.

The author Joseph Pizzorno offers real advice on maintaining a healthful lifestyle.

This book is also extensively referenced and well-organized.  It explains how and why natural medicine works.

“Total Wellness” book is a convincing and well-documented scientific info to health care with solid and logical information.  A promise of renewed hope to health and health care.

If you are interested in understanding your body and maintaining its health, then the “Total Wellness” book would be a good choice to own.

You have to empower yourself with knowledge.  Look for ways to improve your health and wellness.  Only then will you be able to practise a healthy living.  It’s sure a plus factor to go the natural way.


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2 thoughts on “Total Wellness Book”

  1. I’m always in favour of health advice with a natural slant to it. This looks like a damn good guide book to natural family health in a world where we are increasingly surrounded by drug treatments and unnatural living styles.

    • Hi Eion, thank you for your support. You are right, Total Wellness book is a good guide book to natural family health. With the knowledge and understanding of our body’s natural healing system, it would likely be possible to improve our health. Thus “Total Wellness” book would be a good reference book for us to keep. Take care and stay healthy.


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