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Brain child of Prof. Dato Dr Noordin Darus

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Water is undoubtedly one of the single most influential factors in life.  It is a mysterious element that is alive and gives life.

More than 70% of our body is water.  New born babies are 97% water whilst adults are about 75% water.

  • our brain alone is 74.5% water
  • our blood is 83% water
  • our kidneys comprise 82.7% water
  • our muscles are at least 75.6% water
  • our bones are 22% water
  • even our tooth is 2% water

In other words, water is a vital element in our life.  It is the source of our life, our source of health.

However, it is sad to note that water is also the most awful type of pollution on earth today.

Water – Rx Water Filter Rx-Water Malaysia

The RX Water System is an outstanding system which maintain water’s natural characteristics.  Discovered by Prof. Dato Dr Nordin Darus, RX water can maximise energy for therapeutic and healing effects.

Who Is Prof. Dato Dr Noordin Darus?

Prof. Dato Dr Noordin Darus is Malaysia’s famous Wellness Guru and Founder of Worldwellness Network Sdn Bhd.  Being a wellness guru, it is definitely a great shock to be diagnosed with blood cancer.  The process of chemotherapy that he had to go through coupled with strong medications ended him up with severe side effects.

He was then inspired to develop his own systematic counter-treatment using specially processed water.  This had indeed healed his aura and brought him to the road of recovery.

“The Battle Against Cancer”History of Rx Water Filter

A Personal Testimony From Dr Noordin Darus

Like most cancer sufferers, I had to bear the side effects of chemotherapy and other medications -severe pain, hair loss and entire disruption of my taste buds and other body systems.

Having promoted the therapeutic benefits of water, for so many years over the media and writing about it in my Books and Articles, I set myself a systematic routine of consuming water that was specially filtered, purified and energized.  In the process of consuming this water and seeing its tangible and intangible benefits, my interest to perfect the quality of this water and expand its benefits brought new hope and enthusiasm amidst the drudgery and torture of the chemo treatments.

From an initial experimental usage of different dosages of water, slowly a more systematicResearch by Dr Noordin and effective regiment of usage developed.   Soon, the rewards were becoming evident.  I have also recovered from my sinusitis and gout problems which I had for more than 10 years.

The doctors too could not figure out how, within one month of my final chemo treatment, I could be back at the office, when most patients take at least 3 – 6 months.  Through a regular routine of consumption, I managed to bring my condition under control and this resulted in my remission.  Some Doctors have been amazed with my discovery and are now studying the possibility of soon recommending this successful formula to other patients.

After personally designing the contents of each of the 4 cartridges in this system which are capable of doing 8 different purification and aura-energizing processes, I worked in cooperation with a leading manufacturer to make this water therapy system available initially to the Malaysian market and then regionally before going fully international.  I recognized this water therapy as a prescription and personally stake my reputation on the Rx-Water System and the Aura Healing Water Therapy.

Frankly, “this formula was actually a gift from God.  I felt ‘led’ to discovering and perfecting it so that I could enjoy a second chance to live. I know that those alive have many wishes but those dying have only ONE.”

How Rx Water Filter System WorksHow Rx Water Filtration System Works

Rx Water is the latest revolution in a 2-in-1 Therapeutic Wellnes Filtration System.  This unique innovation by renowned wellness and health expert Prof. Dato Noordin Darus includes :

  • Bio-Active Qun-Bambooo Agent – the first of its kind in the world and was patented by Worldwellness Network.  Its technology dated back to the Ming Dynasty in 1486.  During the emperor’s time water was stored in specially selected bamboo.  The bio-active agent in the Qun-Bamboo feeds on bacteria thus filtered and purified the water.  In fact, the benefit of the bio-active nutrients from the Bamboo is 10 times better than charcoal or coal from nutshells.  Besides that the bio-active agent also enhances the taste and adds Natural FIR energy to the water that is produced.
  • Biominex Beads ionize and alkalinize the water to a PH of 8 to 8.5   All undesirable odour, colours and toxic materials including chlorine are absorbed by the activated carbon.
  • The Crystal Ball Technology – stimulates Energy Transfer and activates natural healing.
  • Rx Ozone – a fantastic Food Detoxifier and Sterilizer that eradicates free radicals, germs, bacteria, chemicals and undesirable odour.  Rx ozone water is 3000 times stronger than chlorine.  Its electronic plate requires very low power to produce ozone effect with a concentration of 0.125 – 0.255 ppm.

Summary on Rx-Water Filter – Drinking Water Filters Reviews

Rx Water Filter is the brain child of Prof. Dato Dr Noordin Darus, a Wellness Guru and health expert from Malaysia.  Through his Battle with Cancer, he invented his own water therapy – The Rx Water Filter.

The Rx Water Filter System consists of 4 High Density Cartridge Purifiers that perform 8 Purification Processes.

The 1st Cartridge Purifier consists of the highest quality ceramics that filter out contaminants, rust and other tiny particles as well as any bacteria protozoans.

The 2nd Cartridge Purifier’s top quality Activated Carbon Ceramic and Natural Mineral Stones effectively remove odour and unpleasant taste.  Its High Density PPF Fiber effectively blocks over hundreds of bacteria and organic pollutants.

The 3rd Cartridge Purifier contains a Highly Activated Carbon Ceramic and KDF Process Media that conform to US EPA and FDA National Safety Standards to effectively eliminate “hard” minerals and radioactive substances.

The 4th Cartridge Purifier – its Aura Converter activates its aura healing capabilities while the Vortexian Energizer breaks down water molecules into smaller clusters to improve absorption.  Its Calcium Ionized Clay helps relieve essential Calcium Ions to enhance the taste of the water.

The Rx Water Filter innovated version contains Rx Ozone Electronic plate which is a fantastic food detoxifier and sterilizer that remove pesticides and insecticides from our vegetables and fruits.

In conclusion, water is the essence of life.  Our life and health are dependent on water.  So get the Rx Water Filter and drink Rx Water.  Remove yourselves from the pollutions and live a healthy living lifestyle.

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