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Total Wellness Cleanse

Wellness-important choice.  How is wellness important to us.  Let’s discover the secrets of total wellness and help ourselves with the right choice.  I’m very happy to share this “little” knowledge with you and hope that it will help you to decide on how to improve your health and wellness.  Let’s explore – “Is Wellness a Choice?”

Nowadays, nearly everybody is very concerned about his/her wellness.  Not forgetting his/her outlook.  Be it handsome, pretty, ugly, fat and so on. Even an already slim person is no exception. What more if she is on the heavy side. Because of this concern, we become very busy looking around outside there on how to lose weight,  look great, be healthy, young and vibrant, until we forget to look inside ourselves.

Do we care how  we spend our life today?  Did we check what we had missed out yesterday?  Do we ponder how things can be done better tomorrow?  How many of us actually bother to even think of all these?  We don’t have the time or we just don’t care!

How To Escape From The Rat Race

As a matter of fact, many of us today are caught in this ‘rat race’ world which often leads to neither one’s happiness nor wellness.  It is a disastrous path leading to stress, job burn out, obesity, chronic illnesses and eventually premature death.  Therefore, it is very important for us to find ways on how to escape from the rat race.

Although death is inevitable, disability and sickness is preventable.  It is very possible for us to live a long, healthy and fulfilled life.  This is because, it is we who control the quality of our lives.  We make the choice.  Thus, with a little effort we can actually live a life full of wellness.  Do not be a victim of this ‘mad rat race’ world.

Living Well-Balanced Life

A balanced life can and must be achieved.  As a living, growing person, we should not fear the future. Instead, we should embracejogging it, see it as a time to grow and blossom and to age gracefully, full of energy and good health.  Disease and debility can be prevented.  Hence, life can be enjoyed.

Does this mean that I am guaranteeing you that you will have a long, comfortable and fulfilled life?  Not at all, as this is beyond the power of mere mortals.  But at least you can improve your health, life and wellness.  You have a choice to live your life – to make it better not worse.

Wellness is something we can make last a lifetime.  Even in a bleakest and meaningless circumstances, there is always hope.  A sick person can regain his health sooner.  Whilst a healthy person will remain happy, vibrant and strong.

Since every human is a unique being, therefore, each person’s genetic, biological and psychological make up must be considered in tailoring an approach to promote the art of wellness.

Today’s widely adopted Healthcare System

System A : Curative Healthcare

Under this system, you will only be given medical treatment after you get sick.  Most sadly we already reach an irreversable stage which often resulted in premature death.

System B : Preventive Healthcare

Under this system, a person leads a healthy lifestyle, that is, he doesn’t smoke, overeating or abusing drugs.  He goes for periodical medical check up thus allow for early detection and treatment of chronic illnesses.  Although this is a much healthier life but eventually it will also be followed by premature death.

System C : Total Wellness Healthcare

The total Wellness Healthcare combines the best of the curative and preventive healthcare system and  adds the following elements.

This system treats the mind, soul and body as one with the believe that a healthy body begets a healthy mind and vice-versa.  By respecting both the mind and body, you will be lead to a higher level of energy, vitality, self-esteem and productivity.  At the same time the level of stress is reduced or better handled, thus increase the body immunity to diseases.  Hence improve your wellness.

Besides that, it enhances the ability to self actualise by being more sensitive and creative.  Life then takes on a special dimension and purpose.  With renewed faith in God,  death will no longer be a spectre to be feared, but is seen as part of the cycle of life.

What Will You Do To Improve Your Own Health and Wellness

So, it’s high time that we sit down, take a deep breath, give ourselves the time to analyse which system we are caught-up in. Are we living the healthy life?  Do we make the right choice?

If we are already in the Total Wellness Healthcare System, ” CONGRATULATIONS!”   If we haven’t, “Don’t Despair!”  It’s never too late to change and it’s still “Better Late Than Never!”

Together, let us make an affirmation that  “Wellness is a Choice!”

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26 thoughts on “Is Wellness a Choice? – Tips to stay healthy and young…”

  1. Absolutely agree that a healthy lifestyle is essential for healthy living. Attitudes, gratefulness and nutrition are by far the most important. Great article. More like them.

    • Thanks for sharing my insights, Jim. Let’s wake up every soul to the value of health and not wait until it’s gone.

  2. Good informative article. Particularly like the explanation of Total Wellness Healthcare. It’s a term I’ve heard bandied about, but I had no real idea what it was.

    • Thanks for your comment, Andrew. I believe we should be responsible for our lives thus awareness is important. Knowledge takes care of us.

  3. Very enjoyable, refreshing approach, interesting, well written and informative. Provides a lot of insight and thought provoking presentation. Very good presentation and will be helpful to people.

  4. I totally agree with the “Total Wellness Healthcare” and I have been practicing that approach mainly for 28 years. I say mainly because for the first 14 years it was about 60% of my lifestyle with other 40% still holding on to the negative aspects of the world.

    Then in 2000 I got cancer because of a poor decision with tobacco and alcohol that I started consuming at a higher rate to compensate for the failing health of both of my parents. My father died of cancer 2 years later and my mother 8 years from Alzheimer’s.

    This was a wake up call for me and I got back on the “Total Wellness Healthcare” system but this time at 100%. I turned down the chemo, radiation and surgery my doctor recommended. He got upset and wouldn’t adopt the natural approach I wanted to take telling me it wouldn’t work. So I fired him and found a doctor who would support my beliefs.

    Long story short, with 6 months of a totally natural course to fighting my cancer I was cured. I was cancer free and remain cancer free 14 years later. At age 52 I feel and look like I am 40. I have great energy and my faith in Jesus and God is the strongest it has ever been. This is the best and cheapest healthcare system there is and I’m never changing systems.

  5. Congratulation Robert for having the guts to change. After all these years being brainwashed by the conventional drugs it definitely takes a lot of courage to abandon that belief and venture into natural treatment. Most importantly, the close relationship built with the Creator enhance our strength. With HIS willing and blessing, everything is possible. Take care !

  6. Great Article! Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle is a commitment and something we should all want to do for ourselves. I try to live as healthy as I can. I eat healthy and workout at least 4 times a week but my downfall which I battle with is my WINE. I just can’t seem to give it up. I just keep telling myself one day I will be free of it but I just enjoy it to much right now. I always have an excuse why it is good for me and I can keep drinking it. Our minds can really play tricks on us. LOL!!

    • Very true Angela. It’s a full time commitment with a conscious mind. Life is serious. Keeping healthy is a serious matter in life. Have great determination. Likewise with your wine. Learn about the harms it does to oneself. It might have a little bit of goods but mostly it is bad. Hope you’ll find success with your wine battle. All the best. 🙂

  7. Hello, Norleila

    I certainly will be using some of your great tips here to stay healthy and young, and to live a better lifestyle. I think the rat race is a dangerous thing for most people and it’s about time we learned to escape it once and for all 🙂


    • Well Neil, if we sit down and study the situation today, we’ll notice that many of us are drag into the rat race. With the life style, education, standard of living, demand of life, etc. to keep up with, we seemed to be trapped. It needs a lot of courage and determination to change our style and jump out of the rat race. Good luck to us ! 🙂


    • Wellness is a choice, John. It is our responsibility to take care of our health. With the existence of my site, I hope to bring awareness to more people out there.
      Thank you for your visit. Do check out for more articles. Take care!

  8. Norleila

    Thanks so much for sharing your positive wisdom about health and well being.

    I have always sought out good quality food, sadly here in the states there are so many poor choices for food that are over processed, wrapped and flavored for mass consumption.

    I really appreciate the difference you point out between the 3 basic forms of health care.
    Personally I prefer most of your Total Wellness Healthcare tips and live by them.
    Thanks again for your information and inspirational site.
    My best,


    • Total wellness healthcare – an important choice. It is very important to have a healthy lifestyle. Many of us actually take for granted as far as health is concerned. In fact most often than not, we’ve been abusing our health. I hope to share more health information within my site and create awareness on total wellness.
      Thank you for your visit and comment, Gary. Do come back for more health tips. Take care!


  9. Great article Norleila
    I should take better care of myself, and I learned a lot from reading your insightful post here. Keep them coming

    • Hi Marith,
      Wellness is an important issues and wellness is a choice. Our lifestyle determines our wellness or illness. It is our choice to live in wellness or illness. Hence within my website I would like to share more article to create total wellness. Please come back for more sharing.
      Thank you and take care.

  10. Hello Norleila, I think you are so right to say, “is wellness a choice”. And your tips are very true, especcially the early education to addopt the healthy lifestyle. I think that is really important, to teach the children in a early stage, which foods are healthy to eat, thank you for sharing your knowledge, greetings Loes

    • Yes Loes, wellness is a choice. What we are today is the result of our choice, the lifestyle that we have chosen. So we have to be wise to choose a healthy lifestyle that encompasses total wellness. I agree that it should start with the children at an early age.
      I hope to create more awareness on health issues.
      Thanks for your visit, Loes. Do come back for more updates. 🙂

  11. Hello Norleila and thanks for a great website and very interesting article on being fit, and how we can do as much as possible to stay that way! Obviously there are certain things we are born with that we can’t do much about but, as you rightly point out, there’s also a whole host of positive steps we can take to maintain our health, but only if we choose to take them!

    • ‘Is wellness a choice?’ Yes Peter, the choice is ours. It is important to equip ourselves with the health knowledge so that we can make the right choice. Hence the birth of this site is to share and empower ourselves with knowledge. Thanks for your visit and I hope you have a great experience here. Take care and stay well.

  12. Hi Norleila,
    This is a Marvelous article!
    I agree with you that the best pathway is the Total Wellness Healthcare pathway!
    This is a path I have focused on trying to walk most of my adult life, though there were a couple of periods when circumstances caused some disruption.
    Though as you have said, it is never too late, and even if circumstances have caused a disruption there will always be the
    opportunity to get back on the path.
    I was told last summer by my nurse that after my car accident which was on top of another health challenge, they did not expect me to live.
    I know that it is because of prayer and learning even more about following a natural pathway to healing then I had known, that I am healthy today!
    Thank you for spreading this word! It is a word of truth that more people need to hear!
    Christa 🙂

    • Hi Christa,
      I’m happy to hear of your progress. In every situation there’s a lesson for us to learn. Many a time, the unexpected turn of event carried with it a blessing. I’m glad to know that you’re healthier today.
      Health is definitely a trust which we should treasure and give its due care. Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice and we should make the right choice.
      Thanks for your comment. Looking forward to share more with you.
      Take care and stay healthy. 🙂

  13. Choosing a healthy lifestyle is a good choice to make! I know many young people don’t think it matters, you get away with bad choices in your youth, but it eventually catches up. A good, well-written article, I enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    • You are very right Kathy. It is important to choose a healthy lifestyle. Many of us take our health for granted especially the young ones. They prefer to eat fast food which are highly processed and detrimental to their health. As a result many suffer chronic illnesses, some even at their very young age.
      Thus it is my mission to bring awareness to more people out there to be mindful of their health and practise total wellness healthcare. It needs education and calls for a change in their current lifestyles. But it’s definitely a change worth taken.
      Thanks for your interest in my site, Kathy. I do hope to share more topics on health issues.
      Your friend in health,


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