What Is Healthy Living Lifestyles?

Healthy Living Lifestyles
What is Healthy Living Lifestyles?

Everybody is talking about healthy living lifestyles.  We know the needs and importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  We recognised junk food and we realised that fast food, carbonated drinks and highly processed food are very detrimental to our daily health.

But do we really make the effort to abstain ourselves from all these food?  Are we serious to live a healthy living lifestyle or we just failed to understand what is healthy living lifestyles?

Honestly, the lifestyles that we have been practising most of our life are obviously obese and sickly lifestyles.  Just look at the health statistics, it’s so alarming.  Are we going to leave matters just like that?

Oh No!  We have to take drastic action. We have to change!  We should take control of our health thus our life!

What Steps To Take To Healthy Living Lifestyles

1. Go Natural on Our Food.

Eat Natural Food
Eat Natural Food

It’s time for us to go natural.  We have to start to eat real food.  If we are aiming for an amazing health and a slim healthy body, then eating real food would be its foundation.  Real natural food provides quality nutrients with rich antioxidants to fight the free radicals that attack our body system most of the time.

Besides that, real natural food naturally lowers the inflammation in our body thus leading a healthy life.

So, let’s make an attempt to avoid all these processed junk food.  In fact, all these junk food disrupt our hormones from giving proper and correct signals to our body.  Thus creating havoc to our body systems.

Moreover, processed junk food create high level of inflammation and also increase the acidity in our body.  This hinders our body from releasing its excess fats.

2.  Eat When We Are Hungry, Stop Before We Are Full

We need to listen carefully to our body and only eat when we are hungry and stop before we are full.  Our normal practise is to eat till our heart contents.   This will normally exceed our body needs.

However, to be able to listen to our body requires certain disciplines.  We have to avoid eating junk food because the MSG, fructose and other chemicals contained in junk food will disable our brain from getting the message that we are full.

Further more, our hormone, namely leptin will fail to communicate properly with our brain thus resulting in our failure to stop eating.

3.  Respect Our Food and Eat With Love and Compassion

Eat with love and compassion
Eat with love and compassion

To practise healthy living lifestyles, we must respect our food and eat with love and compassion.  We have to be mindful of what we eat.  Always appreciate our food and be thankful for the given privilege to enjoy the food.  We should not just gulp our food down the throat.

In the process of eating natural food, there will be time when we fail to upkeep it.  Do not feel ‘bad’, guilty or ashamed as this will only elicit the stress response which will in turn shut down digestion.  As a result, it will be very difficult for us to lose weight.

4.  Move More, Do Not Be Obsessed With Workouts23-Seconds To A Flat Belly

As a matter of fact, the ideal way to healthy living lifestyles is to move more.  We should enjoy being active on a daily basis. Walking, taking the stairs or doing micro movement would do a great job.  It is desirable to cut down on the sitting time and keep up with the moving as this will keep our muscle strong and metabolic rate highly active.

Moreover, we should remember that although workouts provide a stimulus for our body to get stronger, it can only do so when it’s resting and recovering.  So do not get obsessed and over do things.

5.  Work to Build Muscle, No Need to Spend Hours on Long Cardio

Build muscle with body weight
Build muscle with body weight

70% of the calories we burn every single day comes from our basal metabolic rate.  Therefore it is only wise to support our basal metabolic rate by increasing our lean body mass, i.e. our muscles.

As such, building our muscles would be our priority.  To build muscles hence fat burning metabolic rate, we have to practise body weight.

Further more, spending that long hours on the cardio machine would only account for 15% of our total calorie expenditure.  Besides that, long slow cardio destroys our body and depletes vital fat burning hormones such as T3, growth hormones and testosterone.

Therefore it is recommended to work on building our muscles rather than spending hours on long cardio.

6.  Healthy Environmentdiet and diabetic drink

Environment has an important influence on our healthy living lifestyles.  If our surroundings are healthy, chances are we will end up healthy.  However, if it is the vice-versa, then you probably will know  what living lifestyles you can expect – unhealthy living lifestyles.

So make sure our home, especially the kitchen and refrigerators are filled with healthy natural food.  All junk food should be minimised if not removed.

In addition, more outdoor activities should be organised instead of spending so much time on the couch.

7. Constant Progress

We should aim for progress in our attempt to live healthy  living lifestyles.  A little progress with constancy throughout would be more desirable than a leap jump that ended as a drop-out.

Remember for every success, we need patience, persistence and consistence.

As a final say, Be Serious in our journey to healthy living lifestyles.  Nobody should be more responsible for our health than ourselves.  Take the time to learn what is healthy living lifestyles and digest it.  Clean ourselves of all the unhealthy junks.

Is wellness a choice?  Yes! We should make wellness a choice to our healthy living lifestyles!

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8 thoughts on “What Is Healthy Living Lifestyles?”

  1. Hi Norleila!
    Great tips to healthy living lifestyles.
    I agree that a healthy environment is very important, and maybe the easiest way to change our lifestyles.
    I won’t eat junk food if my kitchen is filled with natural food.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Sylvia, health is our greatest asset if we are well. However when we are ill it turns our life upside down. So it’s only wise to live healthy living lifestyles. Hope this article helps you one way or another.
      Thanks for your visit.

  2. Many people don’t really know what a healthy living lifestyle is do they. It really is a life long commitment and changing the way you thinks about food and exercise.
    A great article, I’m sure it will help many people to choose a more healthy lifestyle. 🙂

    • You’re right Kathy, healthy living lifestyles is a life long commitment. It needs us to live in consciousness. I hope to bring more health awareness through my website.
      Thanks for your contributions. Looking forward to share more. 🙂

    • Yes Jennett, diet is important in healthy living lifestyles hence building muscles. But we have to make sure that we clean ourselves of the toxins in our body so that our body can better absorb the nutrients in our diet.
      Thank you for your contribution here. Do keep up with our updates. 🙂

  3. Great post Norleila. Seriously, you really did just cover off all the simple basic steps that everyone can take, and they all will have a huge impact towards a healthier lifestyle.

    I’ve realized lately that I have a real problem with food and impulse eating, I’m always craving junk food! Never used to be like this before as I was eating very ‘clean’. I think that eating fresh unprocessed food for a long time actually helps reduce (and can even remove altogether) your cravings for junk food if you do it long enough.

    • Hey Jolie, honestly it’s not easy to upkeep our eating ‘clean’. Our lifestyles and environment contribute to our success. It is important to be surrounded by like-minded people.
      That’s the reason why we have programs to help you upkeep your momentum to reach your goals. Do consider the programs offered from our website to help you live a healthy living lifestyles.
      Wishing you the best of health.


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