What is Spiritual Wellness ?


Everyone of us goes through the same life cycle.  We were borne into this world as a baby – pure, adorable, lovable and innocent.  We are the joy of our parents and families.

Like any other creatures, we go through different phases of life.  The process of nurturing love, kindness, compassion and tender care contributes to our well-beings.  It plays a big role in the moulding of ourselves.

Why Spiritual Health is Important

Looking at the process of total wellness, we cannot ignore ourselves of our spiritual needs.  The Darwin theory has long been spiritual wellnesstrashed.  We can no longer believe that we exist on our own.  Our faith tells us that there is a Supreme Being that created us and all that exist.  It is this belief that drives our soul searching.

In the creations of the earth and the heavens, there are signs for those who spend their time pondering over things.  With our intellectual wellness, we realized that there is a Super Power that control the universe.

Improving Spiritual Wellness

With this conscience, we begin our spiritual journey.  We engaged ourselves in meditation as meditation is one of the medium to improve our spiritual wellness.  Through meditation, we build our relationship with our Creator.  In meditation lies the cool of our eyes and the peace of our minds.

Besides meditation, we immersed ourselves in knowledge.  We search for the Supreme Signs.  Thus we begin to walk in the path spiritualof truth.  As we go through this journey, one test after another greeted us.  By now we are substantially strong to face the challenges.  We know that nothing happens that escapes the knowledge of the Creator.  HE has power over all things.

We realised that no calamity befalls us except to relinquish ourselves of the sense of independence.  In truth, we are solely dependent of our Creator.  HE is the Source of All Power !

With this spiritual growth and wellness, a new dimension encompasses us.  We are free of ourselves as we have our Super Power to take care of us.





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  1. Norleila,

    This is a really beautiful post! I have written one similar that needs work, and have not seen anyone else do this. It is concise and vital information and the most important part of our journey. I really like the way it is laid out and presented. Your site is great!


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