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Good health begins with TOTAL WELLNESS CLEANSE!

Reviews : What is Total Wellness Cleanse ?Total Wellness Cleanse

If you are feeling tired, restless, sleepy, sickly, heavy and lazy then you should be looking for this Total Wellness Cleanse.  I dare to say that Total Wellness Cleanse would be your best help because Total Wellness Cleanse is your first step to achieving optimal wealth with tons of energy.

Look at your daily life.  Day in and day out, it is so routine.  As a result you get easily stressed out.

Look at the food you eat.  The meat are tempered with hormonal injections.  The fruits and vegetables are contaminated with pesticides.  The water you drink is ‘treated’ with chemicals.

How about the air you breathe in?  Fresh?  Very unlikely because the environment you live in today is full of pollutions.

Sadly to say, whatever you are in contact with, they are sure to contain trails of chemicals and poisons.

You are living in a very unfortunate era.  Your body, your organs are all exposed to the killer toxins.  No Wonder you feel Deadly!

So what is this Total Wellness Cleanse Reviews?  What benefits can Total Wellness Cleanse give you?Benefits of Total Wellness Cleanse

Well, Total Wellness cleanse is a great wellness program focussing on transforming you to a healthy living person.  If you are serious to change the direction of your health, then this wellness program will surely benefit you.

Total Wellness Cleanse is a 30 day diet program designed by 3 holistic nutritionist namely Yuri Elkaim, Adam Elkaim and Amy Coates.  The aim of this Total Wellness Cleanse program is to educate and guide thus help you to achieve an overall health benefits through diets that detoxify and cleanse your body of the killer toxins.  If you follow the Total Wellness Cleanse program diligently, you will find yourself transforming to a happy, healthy, fit and slim person.

How does Total Wellness Cleanse Help You?

– Through the Total Wellness Cleanse program you will be taught the ways to proper healthy eating and how to combat the unhealthy eating habits.  This is an important element in keeping healthy because many people failed to curb their desires.

– The process of detoxification and cleansing will rejuvenate the body cells hence overcoming the widely spread ageing syndrome.  As a result, your radiant young outlook will compliment your natural self.  This will in turn help you build your self confidence and also self esteem.

–  Moreover this properly planned diet program will help you fight invaders such as the free radicals as Total Wellness Cleanse increases your body immunity system.  In addition, you will no longer be feeling lethargic and lifeless as the Total Wellness Cleanse program will inject you with tons of energy when you adhere closely to the diet plan.

Total Wellness Cleanse Program PackageTotal Wellness Cleanse Program

Total wellness Cleanse Program is a 100% food based cleanse aiming to restore your body’s natural vitality with simple food based plan.

It does not involve any supplements, pills or medications so it is 100% safe and natural.

This Total Wellness Cleanse Program comprises of two phases namely The Cleanse Phase and The Maintenance Phase.

The Cleanse Phase

The aim of The Cleanse Phase is to bring your body back to its healthy, uncontaminated self.  For two weeks your body will undergo proper cleansing and detox process.  You will be taught the effective and proven methods to remove all the ‘junks’ that have accumulated in your body over the years.

The Maintenance Phase

After 2 weeks of going through The Cleanse Phase now comes the time to maintain your achieved cleanse lifestyle and not to go back to the old ‘dirty’ ways.  Here you will be guided on matters such as the complete meal plans, necessary shopping lists and all other maintenance strategies.

This Total Wellness Cleanse program is not just that normal cleanse and detox program but most importantly a comprehensive health and wellness program.

The Pros and Cons of Total Wellness Cleanse

The Pros

  • It is a one time purchase which will last you your life long.Total Wellness Cleanse by Yuri Elkaim
  • No supplements, pills or medications which means that there is so much savings on the ongoing spending.
  • You are constantly guided, monitored and motivated throughout and after the 30 day program.
  • You will also receive supports such as Daily Food Journal, Daily Inspiration Journal, Poop Tracker and The Success Journal.
  • This program is suitable for both men and women who have the desires to go healthy, fit and slim.
  • The Total Wellness Cleanse program is designed by nutritionists who have gone through thorough research to combat their own health setback.  In other words, it is a product of their own life experience.
  • No side effects as it is actually teaching and disciplining you to come back to the all natural healthy living lifestyles.

The Cons

  • You must be serious to change yourself to a healthy living person.
  • You need strong will and determination to follow through the 30 days program.
  • You cannot expect an overnight result.
  • Many would think that it is expensive.  Wait a minute!  Look at the amount of money you have spent on your supplements, pills and medications.  That recurring  expenses have actually cost you a great fortune.  This program is a 1 time purchase which you can use it again and again throughout your life.  Now, do your mathematics .

So if you can afford the price today, START with The Total Wellness Cleanse.  No Regrets!  This is your turning point towards a healthy, fit and slim YOU.

Summary on What is Total Wellness Cleanse Reviews

All Day Fat Burning Diet by Yuri ElkaimWho is Yuri Elkaim?

Being a former professional soccer player from Canada, Yuri Elkaim understands the importance of keeping fit, being healthy with tons of energy.

Graduated with a degree in Physical Education Yuri is now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Certified Kinesiologist and a well-known fitness expert.

Yuri is also the co-creator of Total Wellness Cleanse – a 30 day diet program which has helped thousands of people restore their health through this Total Wellness Cleanse program.

Listen to Yuri Elkaim about Total Wellness Cleanse.


How Total Wellness Cleanse Work?

  • 30 days diet program
  • The Cleanse Phase
  • The Maintenance Phase
  • On-going Supports

Added bonuses included in the Total Wellness Cleanse program

  • a Daily Food Journal,
  • a Daily Inspiration Journal,
  • a Poop Tracker, and
  • a Success Journal

13 one-hour teleclass recordings on the following topics :

  • The Truth About Fats and Oils,
  • Getting Started on the Total Wellness Cleanse,
  • The Scary Truth About Sugar,
  • Understanding Food Labels,
  • Colon Health, Candida, and Parasites,
  • Organs of Detoxification and The Physiology of Cleansing,
  • Preserving Healthy Bones and Preventing Osteoporosis,
  • Weight Loss Explained!,
  • Understanding the Thyroid-Adrenal Connection,
  • Success Psychology and the “Inner Game”,
  • Food and Environmental Allergies,
  • Overcoming Emotional Eating, and
  • Celebration and Final Thoughts.


No worries if the Total Wellness Cleanse does not work for you.  You are given 60 days MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE from the date of purchase.  So any time within the 60 days you are not satisfied, just take your money back.


Total Wellness Cleanse is an excellent program designed by diligent personnels.  With today’s health statistics, everybody should take the first step to be healthy – the Total Wellness Cleanse.

Total Wellness Cleanse has managed to help thousands of lives.  It can surely change you to a healthy, fit and slim person.

The Choice is Yours!  Make Wellness Your Choice!  Choose Total Wellness Cleanse!


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    • Hi Sherry,

      It’s great to know that you realized the importance of Cleansing. That’s the first step. Now it is time to take action.

      Many of us failed with our health because we stopped at the first step.

      Keeping healthy is an ongoing process and having accumulated a lot of toxins throughout our life, we definitely need Total Wellness Cleanse.

      Total Wellness Cleanse by Yuri Elkaim has helped thousands of lives and we hope to spread the program and help more people.

      Hope you will make a very wise decision to follow the Total Wellness Cleanse program because you surely deserve the healthy, fit and slim YOU.

      Wishing you all the best towards your journey to a healthy living lifestyle.



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