Why Is Sleep Good!

Why is sleep good!
Track your sleep!

Do you know that a 60 year old person would have spent 20 years sleeping ? !

Are you aware that your sleep influenced the quality of your health, hence your life ? !

Why is sleep good?  Find out how important it is to understand the phenomena of sleeping !

Danger of Light On

Not many of us realised the effect of sleeping in total darkness.  In fact, it has always been a practice to have at least the bed side lamp switched on when sleeping.  Some would just leave the toilet lamp on during sleeping.  This is especially so as far as children are concerned.

However, it is very distressful to know that children sleeping with the artificial light on fall under the very high risk of contracting leukemia.  Studies have shown that for the last 40 years, the number of children contracting leukemia has doubled.

In fact, 500 children below the age of 15 have been diagnosed with leukemia every year.  Out of this figure, 100 children have actually died.  Don’t you think this is an alarming figure?   It is sure very alarming!

What is the cause of this tragedy?

How should we address this alarm?

Does it have anything to do with our sleeping habits?

Causes Cancer Disease

Recent studies by scientists from the West and Israel discovered that sleeping with the artificial light on at night, activates the danger of light oncancer cells.  Even a short period of light exposure is enough to activate these cancer cells.

According to Prof. Russell Reiter of Texas University, an exposure of light, one time for just one minute will be detected by the brain as if the body has been exposed to the light for a whole day.

Besides that, Dr Rachel Ben Sclomo of University of Haifa, emphasized that it is advisable not to switch on the light when you wake up in the middle of the night as this has effect on a person’s biology, due to its sensitive mechanism.

So, what causes the danger behind sleeping with the light on or in other words how does sleeping with the light on at night affect our body chemistry?

Lynne Eldridge MD, a health activist and also a writer on “Avoiding Cancer One Day at A Time” stated that a blind woman has 80% less risk of breast cancer compared to other women.  It is believed that the failure of light to penetrate the eyes, increases the body immunity.

How is this so?

Have you heard of Melatonin?

What is Melatonin?

Natural Sleeping Aids Melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland.  It is an immunity hormone that is capable of fighting and preventing many illnesses including breast and prostrate cancer.  It is important to ensure constant melatonin production as the decreased in the production of melatonin will in fact weakened the immunity system.sleeping aid melatonin

Moreover, melatonin helps to control our ‘sleep and awake’ button.

Besides that, melatonin is also claimed to have anti-ageing properties.

What are the factors that influenced the production of melatonin?

Many of us might not be aware of how melatonin is produced.

Studies have revealed that the production of melatonin has great connection with the condition we sleep.

Biologist Joan Robert found the secret of melatonin production through some studies.  According to her, it should be highly noted that this melatonin hormone is produced during our night sleep.

However, this melatonin hormone could not be produced with the presence of light.  In fact, the presence of light will actually stop the production of melatonin.

In other words, the body will only be able to produce melatonin hormone when there is absolutely no light when sleeping.  This means that for the body to produce this melatonin hormone, we have to sleep in total darkness.


Improve Quality Sleep

Sleeping without the light on, not only saves the energy, but most importantly increases the health.

As such, it is not advisable to sleep while watching the TV.  Lights or rays that are transmitted from the TVs or computers, affect the production of melatonin hormone, hence weakened our immunity system.

Besides that, light affects and diminishes our quality sleep.  This is because light is a stimulator to the brain.  As a matter of fact, light will penetrate our eyes although in sleeping mode thus enters the stimulator cell which the brain will then respond.

In other words, even though the eyes are closed, but if there is light, the brain will respond.  Therefore, the brain is active.  This affect the quality of our sleep.

Why quality sleep (at night) is crucial?

Sleep and Health Benefits

Quality sleep (at night) optimizes the detoxification process.  It neutralizes the toxin that contaminates the body.  Body liver detoxificationdetoxification reaches maximum optimization during sleep.  This mechanism has a close tie with the production of antioxidant for neutralizing toxin.

Moreover, in quality sleep, liver detoxification is at its optimum especially in the formation of amino acid glutathione as antioxidant that neutralizes stress oxidation and free radicals.

Why is sleep good?  Well, having known the effect of quality sleep and its consequences, it is only wise for us to be mindful of our sleep.  By nature, our body is in-built with an internal clock that will work superb if monitored properly.   We should be more organized with our life so that we can live a healthy life naturally.


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16 thoughts on “Why Is Sleep Good!”

  1. I never realized that sleeping with the light on could have such bad health consequences. I usually leave the radio going all night to get up to work the next day. Great advice- Thank you for this website.

    • Welcome Chris. There are many health issues that we are unaware of. I hope to share more contents on health matters here.
      Thank you for your visit. Hope it has been a good experience. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your article on sleep 🙂

    I never even knew that a 60 year old has spent 20 years asleep, and especially the effects of sleeping with the light on. It’s knda scary when you think about it!

    This has been a great benefit to me and I’ve learned something new.


    • Hi Neil.
      Glad that this article on sleep has kind of benefit you. Hope we will continue to search for awareness and live by it.
      Thank you for your visit and I hope to share with you more informations on health matters. 🙂

    • Hey Nina.
      It’s great that you’ve been practising sleeping in complete darkness. A lot of illnesses has emerged due to our ignorance.
      Wish you terrific health always. Hope to share more health news with you.
      Thank you for your visit. 🙂

  3. Wow, I had no idea light could be the cause for these deseases. Makes me want to sleep with sunglasses on. I’ll definetly he working on my daughters to ditch the night light. thanks for the info

    • Well Dan, we always think of safety when we have the light on. How wrong we are. It’s time for us to change our ways and live a healthy and safe life. Thanks for being here, Dan. Take care! 🙂

  4. Luckily I can’t sleep with the light on.
    But I think using smart phone before sleep affect our sleep too.
    It’s great to learn more about sleep, really a big part of our life.

    • You are right Sylvia, smartphone affects our sleep and many other health matters. We have to find ways to eradicate the effect or at least for beginning minimize it. This is the price we have to pay in the name of modernisation.
      Thanks for your contribution. Take care !:)

  5. Some papers do mentioned that it is a good practice to off the light when you are sleeping. I know some people like to have some lights on when they are sleeping. But I prefer to sleeping in dark, it helps our body go into resting state and our body will start doing their job which is important to our health too! 🙂

    • It’s a good practice for you to be sleeping in the dark, Nieve. Wish you more good health.
      Thanks for your contribution. Take care !:)

  6. Hi. This is very helpful blog post to me. Having enough time to sleep is very important but since busy with work, I just forgot sleeping time. Thanks for reminding me. Look forward to see more.


    • Hi Seth,
      Most of us know the importance of sleep but we usually sleep when we can’t stay awake any longer. We should in fact discipline ourselves so that we get the utmost benefit of sleep. Thanks for your visit. 🙂

  7. I never knew how sleeping in total darkness could be so beneficial. I guess my laptop on standby will start going off now.I do have a question. Is there such a thing as sleep debt? That is, sleeping in the day to catch up to lost hours at night.

    • Hi Cory, glad could share with you the benefits of sleeping in total darkness. By the way, sleep debt is the effect of not getting enough rest and sleep.
      A large debt causes mental, emotional and physical fatigue. Hence,sleep debt results in diminished abilities to perform high level cognitive function. Therefore, if the need arise, we have to make up for that lost.


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