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Bees are stinging winged insects.  They make their homes in mountains, trees and man-made buildings.  They feed on nature’s produce and from their bellies excrete sweet and viscous fluid of varying colours.  This awesome fluid is what we called HONEY.  It has been more than 1400 years ago since the amazing benefits of honey was revealed.

It’s amazing modern science today has also discovered the medicinal uses of honey.  These medicinal values and benefits are sources of healing.  Its widely usage is a prove that modern man has accepted the magical cure of honey.

Honey Medicinal Properties 

Honey contains properties that enable the eradication of dangerous substances that filled the vascular veins and intestines, not forgetting the stomach, kidney and liver function in human body.

Another significantly amazing benefit of honey is its anti-decayed properties.  This means that honey does not have any expiry date.  Besides that, honey is anti-microbial (anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal).  Its low content of moisture prevents the significant multiplication of organism.

Nutritious Value of Honeybread and honey

Moreover, honey is nutritious.  In other words,  honey is a very rich source of nutrients.

It contains vitamins such as B6, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin and pentothenic acid.

Essential minerals like copper, iron, manganese, potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium and phosphorous can also be found in honey.

Besides, honey acts as an agent of antioxidants.  It is also fat and cholesterol free .

Honey Water Detox

If taken constantly, honey helps efficient bowel movements.  It also contributes to urine production process.

Honey taken on an empty stomach cleanses the body from mucus and phlegm.  This is especially so in the event of a person suffering from a cold.

Another amazing benefits of honey is that when taken regularly honey increases the immunity system thus enable the body to fight against virus attack.

Mixing honey with drinks boosts one’s stamina.  It refreshes the drink as it is a good sweetener thus acts as an energizer.

Does Honey Help You Sleep

For a good sound sleep, drink warm water, mix with honey, half an hour before bedtime.

Applying 1 drop of honey into each eye every morning and before sleep prevents eyes infection.  It also improves the eye sights thus protect the eyes from the danger of eye sight loss.

Other Uses of Honey

In addition, honey is a good source of preservation.  Fruits and meat dipped into honey can last for a few months.  Furthermore, honey improves the taste of food.

Honey can also be used as hair tonic.  Applying honey kills lice and the eggs in the hair.  Amazingly it also makes the hair healthy and soft.  Furthermore, honey benefits include  stimulating hair growth.

Honey is also greatly used as a paste to heal wound.  It can also be applied on burns.

Therefore, with all these amazing benefits of honey, it is only wise to add honey into our daily diet so as to stay healthy and be well.


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21 thoughts on “Amazing Benefits of Honey”

  1. Hi Norleila,
    You are right, honey is an amazing food. We people have yet no idea how amazing it is. We are only beginning to understand it. 🙂

    • It’s true Laura. That’s the reason we are here, to share the knowledge and put it to practice. In many cases, health is only valued when it is gone.

  2. I knew honey was nice, but I never knew it was this good… I think it’s time to get my sweet tooth going again.

    I do have one question: Does honey help to fight or ease your sinuses? If it does help, how can I use it?


    • Hi Lee. Here are some explanations to your question.Honey is an overall food supplement.For sinusitis, I would suggest you take 2 tbsp of honey before breakfast, 2 tbsp before lunch and 2tbsp before bedtime.For better result, do not use metal spoon.Please drink plenty of water so that it can excrete waste from your body.Once condition improves you can reduce intake to 1-2 times a day.Include honey as your daily diet.Hope it helps. Norleila

  3. YES! Great post, very interesting. I knew honey had benefits but its amazing to what extent. This may sound ignorant but does the type of honey make a difference?

    Cheers, Tony.

    • Hi Tony. If you look at the market, there’re just too many types of honey that sometimes it can be quite confusing. I would blame this on the commercial sides of it. After trying some of them, I stick myself to the wild pure honey. The important measure here is to be constant with it. For your info, honey varies in colour due to the bees intake (different flowers). The dark coloured honey contains higher minerals compared to the lighter ones. I hope it gives you some enlightenment. Thank you for your interest. Norleila

  4. Great article on honey. I have used honey as a facial wash too, it is very gentle on the skin and it does a pretty good job cleansing while still retaining moisture. When I have run out of my regular face wash I always opt for honey haha.

    • True Lyra, honey does wonders! You should try the other way round, to opt for others when your honey run out.
      There are many more to be shared and a lot more to be discovered. Be faithful to honey.
      Thanks for sharing. Norleila

  5. This is great information. I really didn’t know honey had such great attributes to improving ones healthy. I’m a fan of your sight and will keep reading all your useful information. Thank You.

    • Thanks for your interest, Evelyn. Yes, there are so much wonders about honey and I hope to share more informative articles within my website. Do our utmost best to practise them and I’m sure we will reap the benefits. Take care and stay healthy !

    • Thanks Debbi for your interest in my website. I will do my best to share more informative articles. With this sharing I hope we could practise healthy living which our bodies deserve. Take care and be well !

    • Hi Bill !
      Glad that you’re taking the first step to enjoy the benefits of honey.
      I’m sure it’ll do much good to your health. Always look out for pure honey. I’ll do some reviews on pure honey in my future articles.
      Do look out for more updates.
      Thanks for your visit here Bill. Take care !

  6. Hi Norleila- What a wonderful post regarding the health benefits of honey. I use raw wildflower honey almost everyday and just love it! I enjoyed your post and learned some facts I did not know, for instance applying a drop of honey to the eye to help clear infection as well as using honey as a method of preservation for foodstuffs. Well done.


    • Hi Tom,
      It’s great to know that you’re using raw wildflower honey. Be consistent with it. There’s just too many health benefits in honey. Glad that I could share some here. Do come back for more updates. Thank you for your comments. Take care and be well!

  7. Hi Norleila,
    You have a Very Pleasant and Stimulating Website.
    This post about Honey is Really Interesting and Informative.
    I’m sure everyone thinks they know all about Honey.
    Well, we all know that bees make honey and that it tastes nice and sweet. But after reading this article, I wonder whether people REALLY know anything about Honey – maybe not as much as they think.
    We have learned a LOT about Honey that we didn’t know before today.
    In fact we didn’t know that honey had all the anti-bacterial, viral and fungal properties, or just how much nutritional vitamins and minerals it has.
    The pictures you’ve used in this article have made our mouths water already.
    So thank you very much for this very interesting read.

    • Hi Geoff-n-Jane,
      With this information on Amazing Benefits of Honey, I really hope that more people will appreciate this nature gifted ‘pearl’. With all the health hazards today, it is only wise to turn to nature to stay healthy. Thanks for your visit and I hope you will include honey as your daily intake. Take care and stay well!

  8. Hi Norleila, first I would like to comment on your name it is very original where does it originate from.

    I love your article on Honey I have browsed your site and you have a wealth of information here. I am interested in healthy living and am forever searching and looking for new ways to help me and my family.

    You seem to have a lot of experience and I could probably learn a lot from you. I will be coming back now and again to see what new tidbits you have posted. Do you have a new letter I could apply for?

    thanks, Linda

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for the compliment. I owned an arabic name. The direct meaning of “Nor” is “light or enlightenment” and “leila” is “night”. I’m a muslim. Our holy book is the Qur’an. The Qur’an has 114 chapters and in it there is chapter “AnNur(Nor) – The Light” and chapter “AlLayl(Leila) – The Night.”. Well, that’s the story of my name.

      Welcome to my site. Hope to enlighten you with some knowledge on health. Feel free to browse around. Any constructive insights, opinions,feedbacks are always appreciated.

      You might also be interested in my in-progress website :

      Thanks for your visit. Do come back for more updates.

      Have a great day!


  9. It is very interesting Norleila where your name originated from thanks for the very enlightening explanation.

    I did look at your other site it is good to teach spiritual enlightenment.phisical and spiritual go hand in hand. I find that if your physical being is in balance then your Spiritual self is also balanced because your feeding both.

    Thanks for your quick answer and I wish you all the success in your health and wellness site I will be back ever one in a while to see what more information you will have to share.


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