Liver Function in Human Body


We know that liver is a vital organ in human body.  We understand that liver plays a major function and supports nearly every organ’s functionality.  Liver is so important that if it fails, we cannot survive. We have to learn how liver function in human body!

How Liver Worksliver function in human body

How serious are we to learn about liver function in human body?  Have we taken the necessary steps to ensure that our liver functions effectively?  Or are we among those who just hope that nothing happens while waiting for something to happen!

Come On!  Wake Up!  Take Action!

Nobody wants a sick liver BUT what did we do to make sure our liver  is healthy!

We have to help ourselves to all these important matters.  We have to know how liver works.  We owe our body its due cares.  We have to take actions to stay healthy.

YES !  Liver is a vital and the largest internal organ in our body.  It supports nearly every physiological process of our body.  Its essential functions of over 500 make liver a key organ.

Human Liver Functionsliver function

Do you know that liver’s performance of essential functions like digestion, metabolism, immunity and storage of nutrients provide energy and nutrients to the bodily tissues?  Without this, the bodily tissues will have short lives and we will be in trouble!

It is amazing to know that liver is the only organ in our body that has the ability to regenerate itself thus making it possible for liver donations.  Meaning to say that after donating part of one’s liver, the donor’s liver will regenerate back to its original size while the transplanted part  will grow proportionately to the recipient’s normal size.  It will also function accordingly.  This is fantastic!

Does Liver Detoxify

Another function of the liver is to detoxify chemicals and metabolise drugs.  It removes bilirubin, ammonia and other toxins from the body thus keep the body pure from toxins and harmful substances.

In addition, the liver stores the simple sugar (glucose).  When the body’s sugar (glucose) falls below normal, the stored sugar is converted to supplement the body sugar.

The liver also breaks down hemoglobin as well as insulin and other hormones.

Further more, it is one of the liver’s functions to produce bile.  A bile is a substance needed to digest fat.  The bile’s salt breaks up the fat into smaller portions so that it can be easily absorbed in the small intestine.

For your information, the liver receives 15 quart of blood every minute via the hepatic artery and portal vein.  This blood is first filtered by the liver before being passed to the other parts of the body.  Don’t you think this is a great job the liver does for our body? What have we done in appreciation of the liver’s hard work.

Well these are the conditions of many livers today!

Types of Liver Conditionssick liver

Hepatitis – this is the inflammation of the liver.  It is caused by viruses like hepatitis A, B, C.  Hepatitis can also be caused by non-infections like heavy drinking, drugs, allergic reaction and obesity.

Cirrhosis – this is a permanent scarring as a result of long term damage to the liver.  This condition prohibits the liver to function well.

Primary Sclerosing cholangitis – this is a rare disease with unknown causes. Usually causing inflammation and scarring in bile duct and liver.

Primary Biliary Cirrhosis – in this rare disorder, the bile duct in the liver is slowly destroyed.  Permanent liver scarring (cirrhosis) eventually develops.

Ascites – due to cirrhosis the liver leaks fluid (ascites) into the belly thus becoming distended and heavy.

Liver Cancer  – the most common type of liver cancer is the hepatocellular carcinoma. This usually happens after cirrhosis is present.

Liver failure – this is due to infection, genetic diseases or excessive alcohol.

Gallstones – the gallstones got stuck in the bile duct.  As a result, hepatitis and bile duct infection (cholangitis) occur.

Hemochromatosis – iron deposited in the liver thus damaging it.  The deposits of iron throughout the body also caused other health problems.

So this is the fate of many livers today.  Are we going to just sit and see what happen to our liver’s fate next?

Care Your Liver

Let’s look at what we should do for our liver.make it healthy

As we already know, liver is a key player in our digestive system.  Everything that we consumed has to go through our liver.  It is an important organ, so much so that we cannot live without liver.  What ever is bad for our liver, we have to avoid.

To have a healthy liver, we need a healthy lifestyle. We have to eat a healthy balanced diet.  Adding regular exercise to our health program would be desirable.   We are the best person to value our liver.  We have to care for our liver.  We have to know how liver function in human body!




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    • Yes Steve, liver is a vital organ. We need to spend a little time to understand our organs such as the liver function in human body. Understanding how it works will increase our appreciation of it. Taking great care of our liver is our responsibility.
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    • Hi Septiana.
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  1. Hi Norleila, I knew the liver function was importent, but I got a lot more information from your exellent article. I think when we learn more about our organs, as I just did from reading this, it will make it easier to take care of it, so thank you again for helping me get healthier.

    • Hi Marith,
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  2. I never knew the liver had all those functions. All these years I thought the only thing it did was detoxify. I’m getting back to a healthier diet and exercise. I’ll cut back, but I can’t promise I’ll cut the rum and beer out entirely. What’s a pirate to do?

    • The liver is working very hard for us Chris. We have to do our best to keep it healthy. Hope this article on the liver function on human body opens a window to a healthier liver. Do your best and watch out for the effect of your rum and beer. Hope you’ll overcome this. Take care and stay healthy.

  3. I’ve had many family members who have died and some that are in the process of dying because of alcohol abuse. It’s sad because no matter how much we try to help them, they just don’t seem to care. And most died from liver cancer. So I do understand the importance of having a healthy liver but I’ve also learned a lot more than I knew about the liver before reading your post. Thank you and please keep the information coming Norleila.

    • Hi Jazmin,
      Glad that I could share this information on liver function in human body. It is through understanding that we would appreciate our liver better. Often we take our body for granted and forget its due cares. Hope to share more informative health topics in the near future.
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  4. Norleila,
    Great information about the liver and its functions. I especially like your diagram of the liver on the right side of “How Liver Works”. I like all the pictures actually. Do you have any suggestions on how to detoxify the liver. Do you use herbs for this?


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  7. Victor;;;It is amazing how such an important organ can carry on working
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    • You’re most welcome Victor. Glad that this article “Liver function in human body” has helped you more in understanding our livers.

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