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In order to stay healthy, we require not only pure, clean, wholesome and nourishing food but also regularity and discipline in fruitseating.  Needless to say, we should not eat cold foods in summer and hot ones in winter.  Besides that, it is harmful to have a meal right after another.  Do not exercise after a meal.  Exercise before a meal is best of all.  Therefore, it is important for us to eat well and live well.

Moreover, it is a good practise to take something sour after a sweet meal, fat with salt, and acid with fat.  Having the same food several times in a row and eating hurriedly produces a loss of appetite and causes lazinesss.  Also, food that is very sour hurries on old age.  Whilst eating sweet food frequently diminishes sexual desires and makes the body feverish. Salty food dries up and emaciate the body.

Tips on Eating

It is wise to stop eating while you still have an appetite for more.  Only eat when you are hungry and stop before you are full.  As everything needs balancing, likewise  it is important to balance our stomach.

Fill a third of our stomach with food, keep 1/3 for drink and reserve the balanced third for air.    If  we could discipline ourselves  this way, it will sure to produce a balanced healthy body.

Beware of Animals

Be concern of what goes down your throat.  Do not consume flesh of dead animals, that is, animals that died of itself or of natural causes without being hunted or slaughtered by man.meat

What is the wisdom behind this?  The obvious reason is that, dead animals do not agree with pure human nature because they are basically not clean, wholesome, nourishing and pleasing to the taste.  Furthermore, in case an animal dies of itself or of natural causes, it is most likely that some acute or chronic diseases must have caused it, such as consumption of poisonous plant, accident or extreme exhaustion.

Thus eating flesh of such animals is bound to create some physical or mental disturbances and imbalance.  In addition, animals dying of starvation or old age belong to the same category and are equally harmful and injurious.

Likewise, we should not eat meat of animals that still have liquid blood or blood that is still flowing from the body.  This is because blood is the best and easiest place for the breeding of bacteria. Do not jeopardise ourselves and put pressure on our internal organs.

Another food that we should avoid is pork or the flesh of swine.   Since pig lives on filth, rubbish and refuse, its meat is disagreeable to persons of decent taste and refine temperament.  In fact, the creation of pig is to consume the filth so as to purify the earth for human beings.

Recent medical research has shown beyond doubt that swine flesh is highly injurious to health in all climates especially hot ones.  Scientific studies have also discovered that pork carries a deadly parasite (trichina) among others.

Be Choosy

So as a final reminder, it’s okay to be choosy on what we eat because as a sound intellectual individual, we only want  what is best for our mind, body and soul.   Therefore, let’s begin to eat well and live well.


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